Are you thinking of coming to Cardiff? Mecca of Welsh Rugby. Dancing until 6 am. Rolling hills and valleys. What’s not to like?

No, but here are some words you might start using


Not solely Welsh but everywhere else definitely stole it from us #noshade. “It’s a lush day today, let’s go to the bay!” Synonyms: lovely, nice, cute.


Common word, but not as you know it – it’s nothing to do with cleanliness. “Have you been to Live Lounge? It’s proper tidy on a Monday!” Synonyms: great, good.


You haven’t lived until you’ve had a Welsh cwtch! “Come here and give us a cwtch” pronounced: to rhyme with butch. Synonyms: cuddle, hug.

What’s the city like?

Buses don’t give change! Have the correct money or you’ll be looking at a pricey ride. We would recommend downloading the Iff app to prevent this.

Cardiff is a small city and you can walk most routes. Save money on your gym membership, invest in some new kicks, and get walking. If you’re visiting, walking is a great way of getting a feel for the city. Check out one of our writer’s guide.

The ‘short hop’ bus ticket is a life saver for getting you from Cathays to the City Centre, or around the centre itself. Get it from the driver for only £1.

If you’re coming from or leaving Cardiff, you’re most likely to go from Cardiff Central. Three guesses, it’s the main station in Cardiff. There’s also Cardiff Queen Street and Cardiff Bay. 

If you haven’t already, get yourself a Young Person’s Railcard. If you’re between 16-24 or a full time student, you’re eligible and will save masses on train prices. You just need a passport photo and ID.  

Download Travel Line Cyrmru, which is free and easy to use. It helps plan your journey and keeps you updated on any disruptions. Unlike the Iff App, you can’t buy tickets through this.

Don’t travel on your own after dark. There are masses of taxis available, plus the more recent Uber. If you use Uber for the first time in Cardiff, then using the code MYUNIBASICS will give you £15 off your first ride. 

National Express operates from Sophia Gardens in the city centre. We’d recommend getting yourself a Young Persons Coach-card which will enable you to save even more on travelling home or to visit friends.

The megabus also operates from Cardiff and can scoot you around the UK for a super-student-friendly price.

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what about the weather?

Yes, it does rain a lot

It’s unpredictable. Unfortunately, like the rest of the UK, you can never guarantee it’s going to be sunny. In the summer, we do get the odd few days but it comes anywhere between April and August. We have random spurts of snow during the winter but it rarely sticks which kind of sucks.

It rains, a lot. This doesn’t always mean it is cold but ensuring you have a waterproof coat and umbrella handy at all times is essential for life in Cardiff. Statistically, January is the month when the most rain falls. But expect rain aaall year round. (You’ll learn to love it…)

It is generally not warm. Temperatures range between 0-6 degrees celsius September-December, 10-16 degrees celsius January-March, then 16-28 degrees celsius April-September, with July being the warmest month. Still not particularly warm though, so pack your jumpers!

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