“ I love a party but I f*cking love exploring. Brecon Beacons, Cardiff Castle, Barry Island… Yes please! ”
– Sophie, second year at Cardiff Met

Regardless of whether you define yourself as a “cultured” person, one of the most attractive things about being a student in Cardiff are the places you can explore. It makes up the perfect weekend, stress reliever, day date, a place to take your parents when they visit: you name it. 

We’ve got historical sites, mountains and waterfalls to explore, locations from famous TV shows (yes, we’re talking Gavin and Stacey and Sherlock), not to mention the largest waterfront development in Europe - Cardiff Bay. We’ve got theatres, galleries, the oldest record shop in the world, thirty-two parks in the city, lakes… need we go on?

If you’re into your Instagram, then you can snap until your heart is content in this gorgeous city. In the links below, we’ve collated a guide to some of our landmarks and places that you must explore should you come and study here. 

We’d really recommend taking time around your open days at Cardiff to immerse yourself in some of these places or activities. It’s so important to give the community and area you’re thinking of living in some time and consideration, not just the university.

Once you arrive, we’ll be here to keep on guiding you.

Keep exploring