U Fit Fitness

£15 start up fee, then £19.95-£29.95 per month (6 month minimum)

MUB Says

This is great for motivation and has tons of facilities - something for whatever kind of workout you enjoy. It’s got a DJ deck too, something not many gyms can say they have. You can also buy all your supplements and healthy cooking supplies from here. Lastly, there’s a great community feel about it.


Venue Name: U Fit Fitness
Contact: 01557 38934
Address: Glass Ave, Trident Park, Cardiff, CF245EN

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Virtually every free weight you could imagine or want, regardless of your goals, with over 10,000 square feet of training space

 £19.95-£29.95 per month (6 month minimum). £15 start up fee

Over 70 different cardio machines 

Plenty of innovative classes to keep you motivated

Open 5.30am-11pm Monday - Friday, 8am-10pm Saturday and Sunday

Facilities include a boxing ring, showers, sports massage, teeth whitening, shop (supplements, cooking, clothing)

Bus 1 or 2 from Canal Street but it’s much quicker to drive. They’ll often do a discounted (or free!) membership for the designated driver if a group of you join. The roads can get chockablock in peak times

Great vibe, great music, brilliant staff and a motivating environment and community

Regardless if you’re just beginning or an Olympic weight lifter, there’s something for you here. We love the massive range of equipment along with the exciting and motivating classes to join if you fancy mixing your routine up


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