Why condoms are sexy
And anyone who thinks they aren’t, isn’t

We don’t think many people realise how sexy and attractive people who use condoms are. Seriously. We did some research and asked the ladies of Cardiff what they thought and these were some of their responses:

“ Healthiness is attractive, I’m more attracted to a guy who looks after himself. If a guy uses a condom it’s a symbol of him looking after himself ”
“ There’s so many creepy and pushy guys these days who beg you to let them sleep with you without a condom. A guy who appears hard to get, confident, and volunteers a condom is so much more attractive ”
“ I feel like using a condom gives us a mutual respect. It’s better knowing afterwards that we’ve taken every precaution to having safe sex ”
“ I love it when men tear it open with their teeth. So Christian Grey… ”
“ Surely, if they want to sleep with you without a condom, they’ve slept with other people without them? That’s a real turn off for me ”
“ I feel like they respect me more by using a condom and that’s attractive ”
“ I feel safer when a guy suggests a condom. I don’t even mean from STD’s but even just being with someone in a one night stand situation. I feel safer being in bed with someone who takes that precaution, they come across way nicer ”
“ As someone who has slept with guys who have had condoms and those who haven’t, I find there’s a difference between the two. The men who suggest condoms are always more gentlemanly, seemingly hard to get and less sleazy ”
“ I couldn’t help but judge a guy for trying to have sex with me without a condom - just like I'd expect them to judge a girl who was okay with not doing so. Despite how much I fancied him before, when he text me the next day, I just was really put off ”

Some of you may be reading this and thinking it’s a two way street, women should be carrying too – which we absolutely agree with. Girls, be prepared, put a condom in your purse, clutch, handbag, bedside drawer – you name it, be prepared. If someone sees, so what? You look like you care about your health.

The issue with free condoms from the SU or clinic is they might be the reason you’re feeling like condoms are a bit shit. Why not have a look on Ann Summers, Durex website, or shelves in boots for their range of condoms. They can actually help the pleasure, with their lubrication and design, so enjoy.

Don’t play roulette with your health. We aren’t invincible and the statistics are there to prove it.

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