Are You Letting Yourself Go?

Some of you may already be into your health. You may already exercise, eat well, get eight hours sleep a night and talk through any problems you might have. But, what if you aren’t?

We know when we aren’t looking after ourselves. We can feel it - mentally and physically.

When did we start to abuse our bodies so much? These incredible temples that allow us to dance until 4am, work out seemingly impossible situations during an exam, have emotional relationships, and run marathons. 

If you’re sat there feeling like you’re letting yourself go a bit, then keep reading. Check yourself in the following areas and you’ll really start to feel better.


We won’t blabber on about this as we hear it all the time but seriously, eating healthier will make you feel better. It’s so important. Getting inventive with your cooking can make this more enjoyable, tastier, and cheaper. We’ll be bringing you lots of help and advice on doing this in our Eat section. Think about it as nourishing your body, instead of just eating healthy. 


When you’re feeling rubbish, you can often feel lazy: It’s a vicious circle. If you haven’t seen a friend in a while, you have plans to, but it’s a rainy evening and all you want to do is get into bed and watch Netflix, resist the urge. It’s so important for your well-being to keep your friendships strong and to make the effort to do so.


If you’re feeling stressed with your workload or struggling with an essay, meet with your personal tutor. If you’re feeling tension with a friend, talk. If you’re struggling with finances, see the support in your university or open up to your parents or guardians. You don’t have to face these troubles alone.


If you feel like shit, go for a walk. We’re not even saying go to the gym and hit the weights, just get outside and move. You’ll feel so much better for it. Endorphin’s are no exaggeration; you really do feel better after getting out and doing some exercise. Setting yourself a goal: a fitness event, weight to lift, miles to walk or run, will all help you physically and mentally.


Being organised feels great, doesn’t it? Set a few hours aside and sort out your uni files, throw away any notes you don’t need and file those you do. Go through your deadlines and create a timetable. Don’t be unrealistic but create something you know you can stick to and fits around your life: including nights out and socialising. If you know you’ll be at sports night, don’t say you’ll be in the library 8am Thursday. Also, sort any life admin out and make sure everything like bills, insurance, and appointments are organised.


Having a clean room and living area can do wonders for the mind. It’s also far more hygienic. One of our teams’ flat went down with a stomach bug due to how disgusting the kitchen was! Keeping your room clean and sharing in house hold duties will not only prevent this but also make you feel way better and clear your mind.


Running out of money, feeling like you’re skint, or even angry towards yourself for being careless, sucks. Taking five to sit down, accept your bank balance, and work out a way of budgeting can make you feel positive and far clearer about how you’re going to manage. Taking a look at your bank statement can enable you to see where you’re spending too much and where you can improve. Also, get a job! You’ll feel more productive, self-fulfilled and your finances will be healthier. Stay on top of your bills, library fines, paying friends back. Not doing so = drama, stress, and anxiety.


Stay on top of your workload. On from our tip about being organised, nothing is going to stress you out or make you feel worse than falling behind or worrying about an exam or deadline. Reading for lectures can seem like a massive pain in the ass but you’ll have access to a wealth of resources and a massive bibliography when it comes to writing your essays. You’ll want to give your former self a pat on the back.

have fun

Make time and budget for doing something fun. Don’t just sit in: get out and explore your city and all it has to offer. Your student ID is the key for a wealth of discounts so rinse it for all it’s worth. Plan and organise stuff for your group and remember to video and photograph everything, always backing it up when you do. You’ll be so glad you did this after you’ve graduated.


You know you feel lazier when you haven’t been doing as much? Well, If you try to get as much sleep as possible without sleeping in too late you should feel way better. Obviously, this ain’t gonna happen if you’ve been out the night before but in general, it’s going to help. 

keep in touch

Just because you’re living away, it doesn’t mean you should forget the value of your friends and family from home. Remember to keep in touch, not ignore whatsapp groups, call when you’re walking somewhere and you’ve forgotten your headphones, and drop the odd message to check how people are. Your friendships can really suffer if you appear to drop off the face of the Earth whilst you’re away. 


You’re here because you care about your future. You deserve to be here, you deserve to be happy, and you deserve to reach the goals that you are so capable of reaching. Never forget that. Don’t be cynical or negative, as hard as it may sometimes seem, and keep going even when it seems like the stress is never ending. Remember, your friends, university, local services, and My Uni Basics are all here for you.