Where To Get Checked Out

If you’re having sex at Uni, you have a responsibility to yourself and those you’re sleeping with to keep your sexual health in check. Let us help you.

Even if you’ve only had sex once, it’s still important to get yourself checked out. Just in case. The NHS website gives a great low down of what happens when you go to get tested.

You can go to your GP for a sexual health check, however, sexual health clinics can provide you with the anonymity you might be looking for as they won’t even inform your GP unless you give particular consent. Unlike your GP, the sexual health clinic can complete all necessary tests there and then. They also offer to contact the people that you’ve had sex with to inform them that they should get tested, without them knowing it has come from you. 

Cardiff Royal Infirmary

The main sexual health clinic in Cardiff

MUB Says

A short walk from the city centre and Cathays, the infirmary offers full STI checks, after-care, and contraception (both emergency and long term). The staff are fantastic and will make you feel relaxed and welcome. They used to have a texting system for booking but now for all bookings, cancellations, or questions you may have, call between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday on the number below. If you’re driving, there’s free parking.


Venue Name: Cardiff Royal Infirmary
Contact: 029 2049 2233
Address: Glossop Rd, Cardiff CF24 0SZ

More more information, see the Cardiff Vale and Health Board website

“ But what if I bump into people I know? ”

Remember that clinics offer contraception and other advice, so people won’t just assume you’re there to get checked out. Even if they do, who cares? You’re giving a sh*t about your sexual health and that’s a fantastic thing. Plus, they might be feeling exactly the same way.

Having said this, we understand that you may feel nervous about being seen at your local clinic. Below is a quick round up of some other clinics in Cardiff, plus one out of town. Here’s a super helpful timetable  which outlines these places, plus others, and advice from the Cardiff and Vale Health Board.

Butetown Health Centre Loudoun Square, Butetown, CF105HN, 02921 833257

Roath Clinic, Albany Road, Cardiff, CF243SB 02920 461 177

St David’s Hospital, Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff, CF119XB 02920 536625 

Broad Street Clinic, 130 Broad St, Barry CF627AL. Get the train from Cardiff Central to Barry train station and take the short walk to the clinic. You can have a wander around Barry Island afterwards. Might as well make a day out it, ey?

Sometimes, it’s a nice idea to do something fun with a friend after getting tested or treated. It’ll perk you up.

We totally get that you might want to be seen by a doctor who is of the same sex as you. If this is the case make sure you request this when you’re booking over the phone. Because of how busy the clinics are, you’re unlikely to be able to choose when you get there.

When calling for an appointment, remember to be honest when asked if you have symptoms. You won’t need to tell them what the symptoms are but you will be given more time with a doctor who can properly examine you.

It can be daunting going for a sexual health check for the first time. Once you’ve been you’ll realise that it’s just like going to the doctors or the dentist. Even common STD’s like chlamydia can have long terms effects if left untreated, so just get it over with and go and do something fun afterwards.


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