Things to look out for
Damp, furry fellas, sneaky landlords…


It’s gross, can affect your health and will be sh*t to live with over a whole year. Keep your eyes and nose peeled. If you’re not sure what it looks like, just check out some delightful images here 


As cute as you may think mice are, you don’t want them in your house or you may find yourself losing sleep wondering if there’s a furry lil’ fella lurking in the corners. Or worse – rats. Keep an eye for traps, micey looking bites and suspiciously shaped holes.

attitude of the tenants

Do they seem complimentary of their landlord or hesitant to talk about them? Their attitude can be a sign that they’ve had a really sh*t time dealing with a difficult landlord but don’t want to get in trouble for saying so.


Moving in and realising your next to a family can suck. Unless you have no soul, it’s likely you’ll feel guilty partying until 2am fully aware that the next door family has a baby. It’s really worth checking this out and it’s going to benefit everyone in the long run.


Keep an eye peeled for anything that suggests a leak; any overflowing bowls, watermarks on the paintwork, wallpaper coming away from the walls, posters in funny positions on the wall (covering what lies behind) and a roof that looks like it has seen better days. 


Even if you love a house, is the location for you? Is it going to affect your attendance in lectures? It’s not the be all and end all, but it’s definitely something to consider.


Get busy, move furniture around and check for any hidden sneakiness. Obviously, don’t be annoying just make sure you check the croons and cracks of the crib… without p*ssing the current tenants off too much.


Right, this may sound weird but lots of student houses have crappy beds that are squeaky AF and can keep you and the person below you awake for hours. You may look a bit weird asking but it might save you hours of lying awake


Take your time looking around the house and try not to book viewings when the majority of you are going to be hungover, knackered, or in a rush. You’ll miss stuff, get aggy with each other, and will be desperate for it to finish.


Look, we all want our dream student home but it’s not realistic. If you’re looking around a house with a group of friends don’t pick at every single minute detail – it’s only going to piss everyone off. Accept that you may not get exactly what you want and need to find what suits everyone the best.

be respectful

Lastly, be respectful of the current tenants who are living in the house. Keep any thoughts or comments you might have until after you’ve all left.



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