10 Truths About Living In Cathays

1. You will get dive bombed by the devil seagulls that circle Cathays. They hate students and are on a mission to end us all.

2. The closer you live to Café 37 the better because you will spend a shameful amount of hungover Sunday mornings there crying into your mammoth breakfast.

3. The cash point next to Salisbury Road Tesco is the best thing that’s ever existed because it gives five pound notes and everyone knows that’s amazing.

4. You spend the first month of living in Cathays mourning the loss of big Tesco as it’s now nowhere near you. Even though you never went anyway.

6. Walking over Cathays train station steps, pissed, to get to the Lash every Wednesday is like playing a game of Jenga with your life. But you do it anyway.

5. Statistically, it must have the highest concentration of letting agents anywhere in the world. 

8. The SU/AU elections every year are kind of a big deal. Think Donald Trump dressed as a pirate while Hilary Clinton gives you a free pack of Haribo if you vote for her.

7. The few streets that always have a kind of… herbal smell. You know what we mean. 

9. You will fall in love with everything about it (even the scary seagulls and questionable smell).

Thank you, Teri May, writer of a cupoft blog. Check her out!

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