with contiki, you call always sit with us

We celebrate the extroverts. The introverts. The people who dance in the rain. The people who aren’t afraid to dream. We believe that life is better with friends, and two is enough to make a party. Being young is at the heart of what we do.

what we do

As the original travel company for the young, wild and free, we’ve perfected the art of travel for 18-35-year old’s. 300 trips spanning 6 continents, with the best team in the business, more included experiences, and your transportation is just the start of what you get with us. We also offer more flexibility through 8 ways to travel, 5 ways to stay and endless free time and options.

Because we know you only get one life, one shot. So you better make it count.

your adventure, sorted

Let us take care of unnecessary hassle that comes with travelling, so you can focus on what you came to do; having the best possible travel experience packed with #NOREGRETS moments. We sort and include everything from your transport, plenty of local food and accommodation to a team to uncover it all.

delicious local eats, on us

We don’t want you to just see the world, we want you to taste it, too. We map out meal times masterfully, with breakfast included almost every day, most lunches left with the freedom to DIY and dinners designed to get you tasting every local delicacy. We’re just a little bit culinary clever if we do say so ourselves.

more included sites

Here at Contiki, we believe that more is more. We don’t believe you should be paying extra for the essentials, so we include the very best travel experiences as part of the package. Tango lesson, show and feast in Buenos Aires? Or maybe a sunset cruise under the Golden GateBridge? These and so much more, included as standard. You can thank us later

more free time included

All of our trips come with oodles of free time included into our itineraries, because we know there’s no better way to see the world than your way, and with us the decision is entirely yours. We like to call it ME Time. Relax with a coffee, laze on the beach, have a sleep in… it’s your choice. With us, the only thing that is fixed is your destinations.

more options

As well as free time to do your thing your way, we’ve included more time for even more fun. We’ve carefully curated a bunch of unique ME Time optional experiences to take things to a whole new level in your free time, so you put your own unique stamp on your travel experience. For a little extra, you can try whitewater rafting, cooking classes, a bungy jump… the list is endless and the choice is yours.


Hotels, hostels, lodges and boats are just a few of the ways we stay around this glorious globe, all included every night, in the price of your trip. Your chosen trip might be one style of accommodation, or a combo of a few. You can even get a dash of camping on some select departures in Europe if you prefer sleeping under the stars. Always hand-picked, our accommodation is all about location, comfort and just a little bit (or a truck load) of wow factor, for blissful zzz’s wherever you go.

all transport included

Getting there isn’t always an enjoyable part of a journey, but it sure as hell is with Contiki. We’re all about speed, comfort and convenience, with a touch of adventure. Luxe air-conditioned coaches (all with FREE WiFi) in Europe, the USA& Canada, Australia and New Zealand and comfy mini-coaches in Asia and Latin America are pretty much how we roll, but you could also find yourself on an included internal flight, a boat, or even a bullet train. Now THAT’s how we’d travel.

a 247 dedicated team of experts

You’re trusting us to give you the experience of a lifetime, not to mention take care of all the travel hassle, so only the crème de la crème team will do. Our Trip Managers, Drivers, Local guides, On-site team members, on-road cooks, are pretty much the best in the biz. Highly-trained, crazy knowledgeable and with a total passion for travel, these guys are the real deal. Most companies have taglines, slogans and jingles. 

At Contiki, we have a way of life. It’s called #NOREGRETS.

Keep exploring