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For loads of us, one of the most exciting aspects about going to university is the nightlife. You’re no longer having to borrow people’s ID or pull weird faces to look like your 24 year old cousin and, finally, you’re about to experience what all of the hype is about.

If nightlife is a big factor for you when choosing where to go to university then, seriously, Cardiff is the place for you. There’s different areas in the city, all within a walking distance of each other and public transport links, that have a massive mix of exciting clubs and bars.

Whatever you’re into, you’ll be able to find it in Cardiff. From underground clubs, to venues that hold over 1000 people, and other more intimate places that play live music every night, you are covered. There’s also plenty of exciting events that happen once a month or six weeks, which are virtually guaranteed to be one of those amazing nights where you’ll seem to bump into everyone you’ve ever met at uni. Keep an eye on our SOCIAL section for this.

So, whether you want to wear trainers and dance to house music until 6 am, whack your suits or dresses on and sip cocktails, mosh whilst listening to heavy metal, head to a gay bar, or dance the night away surrounded by 1,000 other party goers, there’s something waiting for you.

This is why Cardiff is the perfect place for students who love partying:


When you go out in some cities, it can seem you’ve spent £50 without so much as blinking. It’s not like that in Cardiff. It’s likely that £2 each in a taxi will cover you from your halls to the club and, on student nights throughout the week, £4 will get you entry into a club where you won’t find many drinks over £3.

Even on the weekend, where entry and drinks can be double what they are on a week day student night, you’re still looking at a much cheaper and more accessible night out than there is in other, larger, cities in the UK


Cathays, the student hub of Cardiff, lies right next to the city. If you don’t live there in first year then it’s likely you’ll flock there during your second and third years (if it suits your studies, obviously). If you love your nights out then Cathays is the perfect student hub for this. This isn’t just because there’s plenty of bars and pubs with lots of student offers to enjoy on your doorstep, but also because of how close it is to the city centre. You’ve got a city, with all the nightlife you could want, just next door.

If you’re excited for the nights out in uni then you definitely need to join a sports team or society when you get there. Why? Because they have the best socials. Wednesday night is Sports Night across the UK and, in Cathays, you’ll find hoards of students in fancy dress walking along the street, purchasing Frosty Jacks from Tesco, and generally just having a great time. This community feel, where you know you’re surrounded by other students, is something that you just don’t get in some of the larger cities in the UK. You’ll feel in a hilarious, slightly smelly, student bubble. It’s the dream.

pre drinks and house parties

You’ll constantly be attending new pre-drinks in different halls or houses, where games of ”I Have Never” and The Ring of Fire will be leave you with stomach ache from laughing and knowing far more about people than you ever would have before. You’re also bound to host, which will leave your kitchen with around fifteen half empty bottles of lemonade plus dregs of beer and wine that’ll make you want to gag the next day. Dreamy, eh?

All a bit skint? Well, stay in and have your own parties. Unless you all go mental, in which case your halls management or neighbours could get involved, you can have amazing nights without even leaving your place. We’ll be bringing you loads of ideas for this when you get to Cardiff.

On that last point, once you get into second year the house parties will commence. Sometimes, you won’t even know the people hosting just like, if you host one, you’ll pass random people who you’ve never met snogging on your sofa. Often, these house parties are better than most of your nights out and all they require is a purchase of the finest, cheapest, rankest alcohol you can find. 

Ah, uni life.


Like every city, Cardiff has its crime rates and “dodgy areas”. However, you definitely feel safer in Cardiff’s city centre than you do elsewhere. Most of the clubs are off the main road and accessible through the shopping areas of the centre, away from traffic. Plus, unlike other cities, it’s rare that a club or bar is in a random location, and seemingly miles away from civilisation (translation: you don’t feel like you’re in a horror movie). You’re constantly surrounded by people, door staff, and well lit-streets. Side note: If you’re too drunk you aren’t going to be let into clubs, so don’t be the reason your flat mates get turned away from somewhere in the first few weeks of Freshers.

Never go home alone from a club, even if your halls are in walking distance. Always let people know what’s going on. If you’re going to get a cab, make sure it’s licensed. Your universities may do deals with local cab companies, like Cardiff University do with Dragon Taxis, so make sure you look into this and see what can help keep you safe. 

i don’t actually drink

So what? Good for you. You might be feeling like the run up to university - and even when you arrive - is all geared up for the people who love clubbing and drinking. You may still love clubbing but what if you don’t? Well, this site has been designed with that in mind. Throughout the week, there’s loads of alternatives to clubbing in Cardiff and also, it’s brimming with culture and tons of hilarious activities. Just check out our PLAY section.


Cardiff is a notoriously friendly city. Don’t expect to just chat with your friends on a night out, expect to wake up with selfies with randoms on your Snapchat, friend requests on Facebook and hilarious stories of dancing and enjoying shots with different groups of students and locals. Honestly, it’s just the best.

Between the three universities and local population, there is such a mixed range of people with different passions and interests in Cardiff. Whoever you are, whatever you love, you’re going to find people who are just like you and places that cater to your tastes. If you’re not finding what makes you tick in the university, you will from this great city. 

Keep exploring