Welcome to Cathays
The best place on earth

Well, maybe not the best but once you’ve looked past the litter strewn streets and colourful characters you’ll come across, you’ll realise that there’s no better place to spend your student years.

For many of you, Cathays is where you’re going to spend a huge chunk of your student life.  It’s generally where all students of Cardiff Uni live followed by a mass of Cardiff Met and the University of South Wales students, too. 

Basically, there’s loads of students there. 

If you’re reading this and planning an open day to Cardiff soon, then definitely head to Cathays for a wander when you do. 

Okay, It’s unapologetic-ally sh*t. 

The houses don’t look like anything special because they’re not. The restaurants don’t look all that glam, but you can bet you’ll have some of the best meals in Cardiff here. And the pubs are aimed almost exclusively at students – fun décor, cheap booze and filled with other students. Winning.

On every corner of Cathays and Roath (the boundary between the two is pretty fuzzy) there are gems to be found. Restaurant after restaurant, cafes for days, ice cream parlours, second hand record shops, in fact, every type of shop you could ever need. Spend time exploring using our guide to find your favourites.

Cathays is walking distance from the city centre so you shouldn’t need public transport to pop to the shops or to go for dinner in the city. If you aren’t able to walk the distance though, or don’t fancy getting soaked in the glorious welsh weather, regular trains go from Cathays station to Queen Street and Cardiff Central which takes you to two different ends of town. Or, from some bus tops in Cathays, you can get a short hop into town costing £1. 

If you’re feeling nervous about leaving your home town or village and coming to a city, then Cardiff is perfect for you. It’s a small city, lacking nothing, and Cathays feels less manic and overwhelming than being a student in some other larger cities in the UK.

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Keep exploring