My Uni Basics needs you.

We want content on every front.

Content that’s going to inspire, motivate, and sometimes… to be honest, just help students procrastinate.

There’s nothing that we’re not interested in hearing about. It could be fashion, food, current affairs, or the ten times uni life made you want to cry into a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Or, maybe you want to share workout ideas or favourite recipes, dating disasters, or even your experiences dealing with mental health. Whatever it might be, if you feel your fellow students will love reading or watching it, there’s a home for it here.

You’ll also be paid for anything that’s published on My Uni Basics, with constant opportunities to earn more.

It’s really easy to apply, you just need to drop us an email and some information about what you want to share on My Uni Basics. If you’re already a blogger or avid social media user, make sure you send us some links as we’d love to see this.

Your work will be attributed to you (or not, if you would prefer to remain anonymous!) so it’s a fantastic platform to link employers to.

So, come and be part of something special. Get in touch on with “Contributors” as the subject field.

We can’t wait to hear from you.