1. Join a society or sports team

This one is important. Sports teams and societies is basically a sure way to make a great group of friends and have weird and wonderful nights out

2. Go to a foam party

Maybe I’m just confused and this is more of an American thing but when I first came to uni I couldn’t wait to go to my first foam party. Obviously I didn’t end up going to a single one but now I feel too old to actively seek one out. So do it now.

3. Join a gym

Looking back, it’s funny how much weight we all put on in first year. What with all the drinking, eating and being a pure sloth, it’s no surprise. I think none of us noticed though because we were all expanding together, so just trust me and go do some exercise.

4. Have more slumber parties

There is actually nothing greater than a sleepover. I know it sounds so ‘14 years old’ but 10 years later and I’m still doing them. I guess at uni it’s like a never ending sleepover as you’re living with your friends, but do it anyway – move some mattresses and blankets into the living room, put on a scary movie and talk about weird stuff. Boys, don’t think this doesn’t include you!

5. Play more pranks

I remember when my older sister went to uni she would tell me about all the weird pranks she and her friends did. I honestly couldn’t wait to cover my friends’ room in porn/tin foil/cling film/hundreds of pictures of me/leaves etc. For some reason it never happened but I know it would have been so worth the effort.

6. Read more of the set readings

I know what you’re thinking – what am I on about. But trust me, I read the bare minimum and now I really wish I had read more so I could actually feel like an anthropologist and not just pretend I have some an idea of what I’m talking about.

7. Do more stupid shit with my hair

Do it now before it’s too late!! Ever wanted to have blue hair? Well now is the best time to find out how rubbish you look with it. Once you join the job market you have to at least pretend to be an adult - and sometimes that means having relatively normally coloured hair.

8. Take more pictures

And I don’t only mean of nights out, but of the nights in with your housemates or the lunches with your course mates. These are some of the funniest times I had at uni and honestly some of the moments I miss the most. So get snapping.

9. Have more rogue snogs

Rogue snogging is just so much fun. I’m not saying you have to shag around (although no judgements from me), but going out and kissing random boys/girls is a hoot. And at least one will promise a good story to tell the gang over breakfast.

10. Go on a house holiday

The amount of times this was discussed but never happened is actually a joke. Of course it’s still possible once you’ve left uni but I think it’s easier to coordinate and would make post-holiday blues so much more manageable when you’re still all living together.

11. Have more group meals

I get it, it’s tough when you have one vegetarian, one gluten-free, one on a diet and one who doesn’t like anything green. But just figure it out and make it work because it’s so nice sitting around a table and eating all together.

12. Try more new things

Uni is the perfect time to try your hand at a variety of things, especially things you’re scared of. This could be anything from public speaking to hooking up with someone from the opposite sex.

Just get out there are start doing, guys. Make the most of every moment!

Keep exploring



Written by Hannah Curnock Cook, 11 months ago

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