1. Bouncers on a power trip

2. At least four people pissing on the street or in Bute Park, with absolutely no shame

3. At least five people complaining about the organisation of the day

4. (Pre rugby win) “Why do Cardiff lose everything? The only thing we win on is the league tables” – a personal favourite of mine

5. “Mate, I’m fucked already” – Around 58% of people between 11 am and 1 pm

6. The football boys being kept back by security outside of Cardiff Arms Park after Swansea beat them … honestly, what was really going to happen? A Football Factory remake?

7. People jizzing over the weather

8. Some fantastically awful and patriotic signs, a personal favourite including a Cardiff sign saying “Your Mum Cleans Talybont”

9. At least six confrontations with Swansea and Cardiff students – honestly, people get so passionate; I wasn’t sure whether to be embarrassed or proud

10. The end of the Swansea V Cardiff football resembling a scene off Green Street, The Teen Version

11. At least 50% of people wondering if they were going to make it to The Lash

12. …And at least half of which definitely weren’t going to be

13. You may have been lucky enough to spot the naked guy sliding down the Taff (click the tweet below to view the action)

14. “I can smell weed” in the stadium, Bute Park - everywhere

15. The devastation of people who were told that there was no Dominos left in Bute Park

16. The consuming pain of needing a wee and having to brave a massive queue

17. A couple of idiots who had cut their Varsity tops into vests to show their muscles

18. A sick day with everyone having an absolute blast. We love you, Cardiff!

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written on a serious hangover by Tom Brown, 8 months ago