He is one of the best footballers in the world and has fans in every corner of the globe. He’s also gone from young prodigy to national hero in a matter of years. These are the reasons why everyone should try to be like Gareth Bale!

  1. He started out for Southampton in the second division of English football as a 16 year old Welsh defender. Now he plays up front for Wales and Real Madrid. You don’t make that kind of leap in 10 years without putting in some serious graft. When I was 16 I sat at home playing FIFA 12 in my underwear. And now, just five years later, I sit at home playing FIFA 17 in my underwear. It’s the sort of thing Gareth would be proud of.

2. He has seriously beefed up. When he was signed by Real Madrid he was still a skinny left winger, a little like Jeremy Corbyn really, and you wouldn’t trust him to get the lid off a jam jar. But four years in the presence of egos like Cristiano Ronaldo is enough to make a man hit the gym 24/7.

3. He has the worst co-worker of all time. I mentioned Cristiano Ronaldo, but non-football fans might not be so aware of how much of a tool that man can be. Think of that guy you work with, who constantly talks about themselves. You ask what they did at the weekend, and they give you half an hour of chat about how great they are at literally everything. As soon as anyone else starts talking, they huff off in a mood and say nothing for about 90 minutes. And if the boss needs one easy, meaningless task that needs doing, Cristiano would do it and receive maximum praise. And they especially hate you because you’re younger, better at the job than them and people actually like you. That’s Gareth Bales life, and for that we should respect him.

4. In his first season in Spain, he was originally looked down upon by his own fans. He’d cost their club a lot of money, and so far he wasn’t paying it back. Real Madrid fans are notoriously fickle, and will boo their own players until they perform better. It wasn’t too much longer, however, that he was up and running, scoring goals and playing excellently. And, at the end of the season, he scored in the Champions League final, winning the cup for Real Madrid for the first time in over 10 years. He hasn’t had to buy a pint in Madrid since.

5. Real Madrid paid Tottenham Hotspur £85million in 2013 for Bale. That sort of money could buy about 4 houses on Kensington Palace Gardens (look it up, the houses are mad). But no, Madrid instead made little Gareth Bale, from Cardiff, the most expensive footballer of all time. Fully deserved too, a world class player in England. And has only gotten better in Spain. 

6. When Wales went to the European Championships in 2016, people were getting excited at the prospect of them just making it to the second round. The surprise people got when they not only made it to the second round, but they surpassed England by making it to the quarter finals, where they beat potential winners Belgium 3-1 to move into the actual semi-finals against Portugal. Lowly wales, up there with Germany, France and Portugal. No one could have predicted it. Unfortunately the party stopped there with Ronaldo scoring to send the Welsh home (I told you he hated Bale). They returned to a very proud nation, in particular Bale, who scored 3 great goals throughout the tournament, and was named in the team of the tournament too.

This is just the beginning… https://t.co/PIp9zQFNW4

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7. Next year is the World Cup in Russia, and I’m almost certain that Wales will qualify to be there, and I’m even more certain that Bale will be the best player in the world when the tournament comes around. He has the raw physicality that makes him stand out from the crowd, so fast and strong that most defences can’t deal with him. But add into that his exceptional footballing talent and you have a real world beater. His passion and desire to succeed, especially for his country, adds to his game. But most importantly, as Messi and Ronaldo creep into their 30’s, the space opens up for a new big fish to rule the pond. And if it has to be anyone in the world, I believe it has to be Gareth Bale.

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Written by John Dolan, 10 months ago
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