We love experimenting with oats, especially when we are making our porridge (also known as oatmeal in the USA). Porridge is the perfect winter warmer on a cold morning helping us to refuel after a morning workout.

We love banana bread so we decided to make our very own banana bread baked porridge. We do put nuts in this recipe but if you have an allergy, it still tastes delicious without.

50g Oats
1 ripe banana
50ml milk of your choice
30ml water
3 walnuts chopped

Pre-heat the oven to 180oc
Mash your banana in mixing bowl
Add in the oats and walnuts and then stir until combined
Pour in the water and milk and continue to mix
Place in the oven for 25/30 minutes until the oats are cooked and the top is golden brown.

You can enjoy this freshly out the oven or it still tastes delicious when cold. If you’re always short for time in the morning, then cutting a slice and enjoying it on your walk to uni is the perfect, filling start to your day.

Or, relax and enjoy with a cup of coffee! 




Written by Three Brits, 9 months ago
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