unexpected beauty essentials that you probably already have!

As a student, I’m constantly on the lookout for products that I can use for multiple beauty purposes, and of course these must be as cheap as possible. To find these I’ve used a combination of the Internet and many experiments to see what I can use as replacements for more pricey beauty essentials. My findings were that there are a few products that have endless possibilities, so here they are!


Not only is this an absolute saviour for dry, chapped lips, it is also an excellent cleansing balm. That’s right! A jumbo pot of petroleum jelly is your new best friend and may replace your need for the Charlotte Tilbury balm! Massage Vaseline into damp skin and around the eye area (being careful not to actually put this in your eye!) and then use a wet flannel, with warm water to remove all makeup. While you will look an absolute mess in the cleaning process, this is a excellent way to clean your face and keep your skin hydrated. 

Also, if you find that your fake tan is turning your ankles and elbows into an orange mess, try applying a thin layer on these areas before tanning. This will create a barrier on these areas of skin and create a more even glow. 

Vaseline can be used to prevent your lipstick from going on your teeth if you apply a thin layer to the front teeth. I’m not going to lie and say that this sounds delicious, but hey if it’s good enough for Beyonce… 


This is a really cheap product that will has a lot of potential in your beauty life! Dropped or smashed a bronzer? All you need to do is crumble it into some baby oil and you’ve made yourself a bronzing body oil. This is great to put on your legs and arms for a night out, or as an alternative to fake tan in the summer months. 

If you’re home for the weekend, or have the luxury of a bath in your uni house baby oil also doubles up as a bath oil. Try pouring a little into your hot bath while it’s running and it will leave you with soft skin afterwards. Just remember to rinse the bath afterwards, because if you’re as clumsy as I am you’ll probably slip over in it.


I’m definitely not the first or last person to rave about the huge range of uses for coconut oil, but nevertheless, here are my favourite uses for it. The first is to use it as a deep cleansing hair mask. This is particularly great in the winter if you suffer from a dry scalp. Just whack it on and leave it for 15-20 minute and then wash your hair with warm water for instant results. It will give you smooth, clean and moisturised hair. 

If you’re feet are feeling dry and cracked then you can rub some coconut oil into your feet and put on some socks. Leave overnight and wake up to soft feet! Repeat as often as you remember and you’ll never have to worry about showing dry feet in heels or sandals ever again. 

Like Vaseline, coconut oil can also be used to remove makeup, particularly eye makeup as it is very gentle and will not irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes. 


My main use of this is as a dry shampoo alternative, it does exactly the same job as a huge can of Batiste but one pot of this will last so much longer than a can will. 

Talcum powder also works great as a part of your makeup bag. Pour some into a pot and you have a translucent powder to stop any shine. Not only this but it will actually make your lipstick last longer - another excellent use if you are on a night out! Do your first layer of lipstick and then place a tissue over the top, then using a powder brush, pat on some talcum powder. Follow this with another layer of lipstick and you’re good to go!

I’ve heard that to get fuller looking lashes, makeup artists do the same process as the lipstick method. I tried this out, and the key is definitely to use a very small amount of baby powder to avoid clumpy lashes. However, if done correctly this technique does work!

All of these products are so easy to get a hold of, and cost so little that it is well worth having them in your collection. 

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Written by Emma Videan, 10 months ago
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