I love nothing more than listening to music. CD’s, vinyl, downloads - the list is endless! I love listening to music in the shower, on a run and while I’m in the car, staring out the window, contemplating life. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who does this? I also love to listen to music while I work. However, the music that I listen to varies a lot to what I listen to in other occasions. 

“ It's so important to pick the right music to listen to while you revise. Otherwise, you will end up remembering more of those Beyonce lyrics than mathematical formulas.  ”

I’m not going to go all scientific on you, and tell you all the facts and figures that brainy guys in lab coats have found out about how much you actually remember when you listen to music with or without lyrics. I know from personal experience when I’ve tried revising whilst listening to Disney songs, I’ve ended up dancing around my room, getting distracted and not coming away from that revision session knowing anything more than I started with…

…Expect maybe considering a career in musical theatre.

I know what you’re thinking! ” Don’t make me listen to classical music”. Classical music can be great if you need to concentrate, but let’s be honest it’s pretty boring. Most of the time I’m on the edge of falling asleep while revising anyway, I don’t need classical music to aid that process! Along my process of trying (and failing) to find the right music to listen to while I revise, I’ve managed to create my own mini shortlist of Spotify playlists that I find myself going back to again and again. 

#10 Music for Concentration

I can’t get enough of this playlist. I always manage to get a tonne of work done when I am listening to this one.

Some of my favourite songs: All is good by Jon E. Amber and The Theory Of Everything by Johann Johannsson 

#9 Brain Food

Instead of reaching for the cupboard and getting distracted by deciding what cheese or biscuits to eat (I know, the choice is hard), get your revision done by putting this playlist on instead. 

My top picks in this playlist are: Ghost by Ookay and Intro by Cubicolor 

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#8 Your office stereo

More like the ‘I’ve been sat in the library for eight hours straight and I’ve probably got arthritis now.’

Some banging tunes of this playlist are: Shouldn’t have done that by Two Another and Keep dancing by Gibbz 

#7 Productive Morning

evening, night and day… or is that just me?

Some tunes you need to listen to: Embers by Tracy Chattayway and TwentytwoFourteen by The album leaf 

#6 Reading Soundtrack

Beautiful music for reading not so beautiful books

Some of my favourites: Rooftop kiss by James Horner and The lost cities by Johannes Bornlof 

#5 Electronic concentration

In the music world, this is an equivalent to a coffee unlike the classical music which is kind of like a warm cup of milk

Some songs I think you need to listen to: See in you by The album leaf and Lost in thought by Jon Hopkins 

(Photo was taken by me)

#4 The Sims

No, you don’t have to re-read that! Yes, it does say the Sims. Just listen to it and trust me on this one. Please.

What you should listen to: The whole thing…obviously! 

#3 Stress Relief

Let’s be honest; uni stress is never going to go but hey, if there’s a playlist out there to make you a bit calmer, who wouldn’t want to listen to it.

Songs you should check out: Norah’s lallaby by Aeuria and Finding it there by Goldmund 

#2 Ibiza Sunset

That Ibiza holiday might seem like a million years away right now, but keep working and have this on in the background to keep you motivated.

You need to listen to: Daydream in blue by I Monster and Just for a day- Sunday by TM Juke 

#1 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

I don’t care if you don’t like Harry Potter. Harry Potter is great. #HarryPotterForLife

You should listen to all of it but if you don’t know where to start, it has got to be with the prologue, surely? 

Now there is no excuse not to get that revision done! Whether you choose Harry Potter or the office stereo, there is something on Spotify for everyone! Don’t forget to share with friends if you think this will help them out. 

Keep exploring



Written by Nicole Woodward, 8 months ago
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