Escape the uni stress and treat yourself to some of the best eateries hidden near you. Whether you’re too lazy or have just ‘forgotten’ to cook, here’s my helpful list of the best places in Cathays for the perfect hunger fix.


This one’s a quick fix for those on the go. Customise your own stir-fry (£3.90) with a choice of noodles or rice, a selection of meat and extras and finish it all with a choice from 12 types sauces. If you’re anything like me and the indecisiveness kicks in, go for their already prepared sets with of Japanese Curry Katsu (£6) or a wide selection of tasty sides including Prawn Tempura (£3), Chicken Satay Skewers (£3), Chicken Gyoza (£3)…the list goes on. And the best part? Your meal is hot and ready under 10 minutes.

117 Woodville Road, Cardiff, CF24 4DY

2. Hollywood Pizza

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. Hollywood Pizza has been around for ages serving the most affordable chicken and pizza combo deals around. Switch it up with their unique barbecue base, 4- chicken pizza for a Chicken Festival (£10) or the 8-piece crispy fried hot wings (£ 3). Curry Chips (£2) is my recommendation; crunchy chips blanketed with a thick, delicious, sweet and spicy curry sauce. And their generous portions definitely is another plus. Did I mention its buy one get one free on pizzas everyday? Not a single dent on those student budgets.

47 Crwys Road, Cardiff, CF244ND

3. Cafe 37

Every students’ favourite hungover-morning-go-to, Cafe 37 serves up giant portions of all-day breakfast. You can build your own or go for one of the pre-designed, very appropriate breakfast sets. Take ‘ The Hangover Cure’ ( £9.95): 4 Bacon Rashers, 4 Sausages, 4 Hashbrowns, 3 Eggs, 2 Black Pudding, Beans, Tomatoes, Mushrooms and 2 pieces of Toast and Pancake. A meal like that and you’re already ready for your next drink. They do also have traditional English or American breakfast for those who love a full-hearty morning wake-up. 

37 Salisbury Road, Cardiff, CF24 4AA

4. Sorrento’s

A takeout list is never complete without a burger option. Sorrento’s is best known for their premium cut beef sliders. Perhaps you’ve smelt the sweet smelling scent of burger patties on a hot grill on your way to town and wondered where it was coming from? 6oz burgers start at £8.95 served with a side of skinny fries. Looking for more beef? Try their ego buster (£20) for a 20oz triple stack burger complete with bacon, onion rings and even a poached egg, steep on the price but definitely a solid hit on that hungry stomach. Because no amount of filings is too much right? Otherwise cheap and affordable but always 100% on their quality, Sorrento’s is the best burger joint around.

MUB Tip: don’t miss their Wednesdays £7 burger meal deal!

90 Salisbury Road, Cardiff, CF24 4AE

5. Balti King

Nothing beats a good Indian takeout. Delicious and satisfying, Balti King offers a wide selection of heat with  an even wider selection of curries, briyanis and more. My recommendation is the Tandoori chicken (£6.90) - the chargrill heat and special Masala sauce is completely worth it. Butter Chicken (£6) is a delicious rich curry which will definitely fill that hunger fix and Vindaloo (£4.80) will really heat things up. But don’t forget the classic Korma (£5.20). So many dishes and so little stomach room, its up to your rumbling stomach to decide. Of course you can always order twice. 

107 Woodville Road, Cardiff CF24 4DY

6. Jalan Malaysia

Warm up in this wintery weather by filling your bellies with Cathays’ take on Malaysian cusine. Jalan Malaysia offers various delicious mains based around the Malaysian staple - Nasi Lemak - a dish that is enjoyed in Malaysia anytime of the day. This Malaysian favourite consists of a meat main (beef, chicken or prawns), paired with coconut infused rice, boiled egg, cucumber and delicious sides- anchovies, peanuts and sambal chilli paste (£8.95 - £11.95). For veggiers, opt for the silky smooth tofu. Also worth trying are the street style appetisers with a choice of South-East classics: Vegetable spring rolls (£3.50) and Fish balls skewers (£3.50). Craving a taste of authentic Malaysian cuisine? You know where to go.

101 Woodville Road, Cardiff, CF24 4DY.

Photo Credit: @jalanmalaysiauk

7. Piri Pronto

Nevermind Nandos, Peri Pronto is a delicious and cheap alternative to Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken and is worth getting excited about.They specialise in Portuguese food and are best known for their burgers but I swear by their flame-grilled Piri wings. Every dish is made to order so you’re always guaranteed a fresh and tasty meal. Go for the Wings sharing platter - 18 Piri Pronto wings marinated and grilled to perfection for just £10.95. Or how about a taste of that signature fiery marinade with a whole chicken (£9.95)? If hot wings are not your type of thing, have a peek at the 30+ other delicious dishes on their menu. Something must catch your fancy. 

80 Crwys Road, Cardiff CF24 4NP

8. Zi’s Cafe

A truly hidden gem, Zi’s cafe is tucked away amongst student housings, second-hand furniture shops and auto-mechanical shops. Chinese takeout is always the direct route for a full and satisfying meal. Zi’s is even better. Providing affordable prices (and student discounts!), their delicious Chinese food never disappoint with their generous portions and nostalgic taste of a home-cooked meal. For something new, try the Shredded Squid in Chilli (£7.90) or a classic with a twist: King Prawns in Sweet and Sour Sauce (£7.20). A wide selection of mains - seafood and meats to an extensive veggie menu, Zi’s is the perfect choice for anyone.There’s even bubble tea (£3)! 

96 Woodville Road, Cardiff, CF24 4ED.

9. Irie Shack

Escape the chilly weathers of Cardiff and step into the warm tropics of the Caribbean for this pick of the list. Iris Shack offers authentic flavours true to the Caribbean cuisine. For those looking to spice up their normal takeaway routine, start with their Solo Jerk Wings (£4.95) marinated to perfection which will surely get those tastebuds movings. More on their spice and flavour-filled menu, go for Curry Goat (£8.95) served with a signature Caribbean slaw, rice ’n’ peas and fried dumplings or Irie Signature Chicken (£8.95) - flame grilled and marinated in the Irie-special jerk seasoning. Whatever dish you pick, will definitely leave you sweating for more. 

106-110 Woodville Road, Cathays, CF244EE

10. Coco Gelato

If you’ve come so far, dessert is a must. An authentic ice cream parlour with swanky red booths and decor which hints a 70’s diner throwback, Coco Gelato boasts an impressive 30+ colourful and tasty choices of sweet delights. Feeling adventurous? Go for their signature sundaes (£6.95 and up) or freakshakes (£7.25). Jam-packed with all sorts of ice cream flavours, talk about a second dinner. Or not, you can always go for a single scoop (£2) or two (£3.50). We won’t tell. Complete with a choice of floats, shakes and cakes, Coco’s the cherry on top. 

133b Woodville Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4D

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Written by another lazy student, Lorria Sahmet, 9 months ago
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