Things that you can do to make your basic room more homely and comfortable

Moving to university can be a daunting experience, and your room should be a real safe place where you can escape to when it all gets a bit much. If you put a lot of effort into making sure that your room will feel comfy to live in, especially in your first year. In university halls, the rooms are often incredibly basic with tiny beds and a beige and grey colour scheme. The same can be said for student housing, which often have very basic furniture. So I thought that I’d go through what you could do to make your room seem better than it did when I first arrived. 

1) Get inspiration

Take a look on websites such as Pinterest to get some ideas for what you might want your room to look like. Obviously these ideas are incredibly idealistic, but there are aspects that can be taken out of them to build on for your own room. Websites like Pinterest and Tumblr are great for getting inspiration for a colour scheme that you might want to stick to. Lighter colours make a room seem more bright and clean, and a splash of colour in amongst this looks great. Layering tones of the same colour can also look really sophisticated, such as grey/blues ranging up until navy. Once you’ve chosen a colour scheme and/or theme for your room you are ready to look at products!

“ Do your research to find a colour scheme, and set of ideas that would suit you. ”

2) Soft Furnishings

The first thing to focus on might be stuff for your bed. Many students spend a lot of their time here, whether they be sleeping or working. Tesco Direct might be a good place to start; the prices are really good and you can pick up your delivery from a local store or get it delivered to you. Buying a few cushions and a throw to scatter on your bed can make it seem a lot more cosy, especially in the winter months. It’s important to invest in comfort as I’ll be using these for at least the next few years at university. You can see these in the picture below what I chose. Having extra cushions on your bed can also be really handy if, like me, you like to sit up in bed and do work as they can provide back support. 

3) Lighting

In most uni rooms there might be one large overhead light, but this can be overly bright and a little too much in the morning. If you buy a couple of lamps, maybe one for your desk and one for a bedside table you will be able to isolate where you want to work or read etc. It also means that late at night and early in the morning you can have gentle, mood lighting that won’t hurt your eyes as much. Have a look at House of Fraser as while they do have more expensive products, they do sometimes have sales on where you can find really unique products. You can also receive a 10% student discount. On the other hand, you can get a bedside light very cheaply - the Cardiff Ikea would definitely be worth a trip if you are local.  Fairy lights are also a really cute way to add to your room, they can be just scattered on a shelf, or pinned on the wall. They can add very gentle lighting to your room. 

4) Personal Touches

Photos are a great personal touch for your room. Before leaving for university, get loads of photos printed out of all of your friends and close family. The app I used is called ‘FreePrints’ and it’s such a good app. Each month you get 45 free prints (6x4 in size) and then all you have to pay is postage, which is normally only a couple of pounds. It is by far the cheapest service, and the photos arrive quickly as well. Printing out photos from parties, festivals, holidays and events can be a great comfort for when you feel down or homesick. You can pin these up on a notice board, or blue tac them to the walls, whatever suits you.  

5) Details

Using smaller details can also make it feel more personalised. Getting a plant, like an Orchid might be a good idea as they need very little care, just a watering a week. If you are anything like me, then you will probably struggle with anything more high maintenance. These come quite cheaply and can be found at most supermarkets or garden centres. For other bits and bobs to fill up shelf space, you should definitely visit a shop such as Tiger in St David’s shopping centre. Tiger is an emporium for things that you never knew you needed, and you’ll be sure to walk out with something exciting. Tiny details like mini wooden pegs to attach my photos to my fairy lights. They cost only 75p per pack from Wilko’s

These are the steps that I focused on before starting uni. While there’s very little that you can do about the actual state of your bedroom or the layout of it, adding these kinds of features can definitely make living in university halls more bearable. 

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Emma Videan Emma Videan, 10 months ago
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