Whether fixie, road or unicycle. Pedal power will save you cash & get you fit.

Cardiff is a mini city. Sustrans did a project recently which showed that 70% of journeys in Cardiff are less than two miles. There are massive initiatives to get the people of Cardiff to use their legs more so it’s becoming easier and easier to cycle around the city. Better still you can plan your routes via the Sustrans website 

There are plenty of places to lock your bike up throughout the city and at your University campuses and halls. You’re actually able to take your bike onto the train for local journeys, but if you’re wanting to travel further it’s definitely best to look into this as you may have to book in advance.

Whatever you ride, buy a lock. Cardiff is a safer city than most, but bike theft is extremely common. Your student bank account probably offers insurance that covers things like this, so investigate for yourself. Sunset Cycles in Cathays offers a lock for under £10. 

Good news for Cardiff Met students – there is a traffic-free bicycle path connecting the Llandaff campus with the Plas Gwyn residential campus, with only a short on-road section between Plas Gwyn and the cycle path entrance on Bridge Road. Please be safe, though – the path isn’t currently lit at night so take an alternative route home when it gets dark. 

Finally, we know it ruins your hair, but a helmet and just as importantly, a pair of gloves will really save you if you get into any bumps. 

Don’t drink and ride, peeps.


Written by Jen Keeling, 1 year ago
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