Some students' biggest nightmare when moving is how they decorate their room - here's a complete brainstorm for those of you wondering what will reflect you the most.

It’s true - the type of room you have reflects how you take on Uni life. In some you’ll have to lunge over clothes, and in others the smell of incense will linger for days. If you want your room to resemble its owner, then have a look at a few typical décor ‘personalities’. What kind of room are you? 


If you like having a pleasant room but really don’t want to look like you’ve gone to all the effort, this may appeal to you. You keep most things that you buy plain and not very colourful, and maybe have a colourful feature in your red bed sheet or green fake plant on your printer. The aim is to make more look like less, as you don’t want to overdo it too much, but need it to feel a bit more like your own.

The Fresher

You’re just going to see how Freshers fortnight impacts your room and keep it that way. As a result, you now have a booze shelf where half the bottles were finished months ago. There are empty cups, glasses, flasks and straws on your desk all reeking of Bacardi or wine and vodka. The bed has been slept in so much during your hangovers that the sheet isn’t even put back on at all, and you have loads of wristbands and spare change hanging around on the floor. Please don’t be that person who munches their late night snacks in their room, as curry or kebab isn’t the world’s best room scent.


Essentially your entire bedroom will be focusing on your life at home. There are frames everywhere of you and your partner, old friends or your family gatherings. Little square photos hung up with pegs everywhere showing your prom, birthday or A Level results party. While this is beautiful, try not to  have 500 images of your mum staring at you while you sleep. Normally you’ll have a collection of birthday and Christmas cards and a corner reserved for family gifts which mark your beginning at University.

That Guy

In every flat, there is one guy that couldn’t care and makes sure everyone knows it. Typical sights include a pile of washing built up as high as the desk on the floor, plates of sticky food on the windowsill, books balancing on the edge of the cupboard to make room for the Xbox, and a smell. This room will almost always smell of sweat or food, and there are stains on everything. Your bin will most likely be holding twice its own volume because emptying it in the kitchen is too difficult, and your floor isn’t going to be hoovered any time soon.


If you’re here to work and only work, your room may benefit from becoming an office with a bed. Your laptop, printer and little collection of module books are the prime features. There is a calendar brimming with reminders, post-it note lists of what to get done to ensure productivity, and an ever growing revision folder. If you’re pushing that little bit extra, there’ll be a globe, map of the world or map of the solar system on your door somewhere. The aim is so that everywhere you look, you’re reminded of something relevant to what you’re studying. Must be a pain when you’re stuck in your room with a bad hangover.


If you’re inspired by Pinterest or Buzzfeed, I’m sure your most exciting part of moving for University was the prospect of redesigning a room. This person more than likely has a room at home still with little girl/boy’s wallpaper everywhere and wants to make this room ‘their own’ - except everyone elses’ probably looks this way too. Expect enough fairy lights on the wall for it to be a fire hazard, along with little prints of Reading or Glastonbury made through a one-use camera. Tons of cushions, an inspiring quote on the wall or a mountain of LUSH Cosmetics are also common additions.

Ghost Room

You may have started off considering your room, but the truth is you’re never in there. For those that are never sober enough to make it into bed, or have somewhere else to stay, this room is just a plan B. Any food or drink left behind is more than likely to be stuck to the desk when you return, the only thing touched in the room is the shower and bed, and everything of importance lives in your backpack. If you’re somebody who has to get out all day every day, you will find your room becomes nothing but a rest stop. After a while, it’ll become a bit eerie.

If you don’t feel like any of these are quite you, or you’d like to combine them, here are a few helpful resources!

IKEA - furniture
Snapfish - online service for photo prints (new accounts only pay postage)
B&Q - long lasting fairy lights
H&M ’Home’ - minimalist cushions, frames and vases
Staples - office-related bedroom tools


DON’T put anything in your room that could be a huge fire hazard - lit candles aren’t worth the damage they could cause unattended!
DON’T keep valuables on your windowsill even if locked at all times
DO keep your room clean so you don’t have to worry about bugs or grime
DO base your decisions on what’s practical as well as what’s pretty
DON’T leave food in your room, keep it in your sight for your next trip to the kitchen

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Written by Hannah Newberry, 10 months ago
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