I haven’t been vegan very long but I quickly learnt that finding snacks on-the-go isn’t difficult at all.

I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything and it hasn’t cost me a lot either. In fact, I’ve definitely been snacking healthier and feeling good for it. Win win.

Here’s a low-down of my go-to munch (aside from really obvious things like fruit).


Nak’d bars

These are my saviour. I eat one most days. The whole range is vegan, gluten-free and there’s a huge range – from pecan pie to lemon drizzle, cherry bakewell to orange chocolate. They’re mainly made from blended nuts and fruits – so they’re surprisingly filling despite being small – with no added nasties.

They’re about 80p (unless they’re on offer) and you can find them everywhere these days.

Trek bars

These high-protein bars are bangin’ and more substantial than a Nak’d bar. You’d never guess the chocolate-topped coconut flapjack was vegan. I used to eat them before I switched and was so convinced that I actually gave them up until I found out I could still eat them.

They’re about £1-£1.50, but they do come as part of Boots Meal deal…and we all love a Boots meal deal, don’t we?


I know what you’re thinking. Those weird, raw, organic bars don’t count as a proper snack. Well I have some good news, folks. Pretty much every kind of Oreo is vegan. I know, right?!

Alpro yoghurts

Coming in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and caramel flavours, these soya-based yogs are really thick and yum. If you’re trying to eat healthy, you’ll be pleased to hear they’re only around 100 calories each. My favourite way to eat them is to scoop them out with a caramel snack-a-jack. Who needs spoons, ey…

They often seem to be on offer, but I’ve never paid more than £1.50 for 4, which is pretty good I’d say.


If you’re a chocolate fiend, you don’t have to give it up and nor do you have to shell out for dodgy ‘free-from’ versions that don’t taste right. Believe it or not, Cadbury’s Bourneville chocolate is totally dairy-free. It’s amazing melted with strawberries dipped in.

Skittles, Love Hearts and Starburst

Nuff’ said.



Bacon fries? Vegan. Salt and vinegar Snack A Jacks? Vegan. Sweet’n’salty popcorn? Vegan. Some Walkers and McCoy’s, most Pringles, Kettle chips and Hoola Hoops, and even the holy grail that is Doritos Chili Heatwave, are all vegan.

Hummus, guacamole and salsa

We all love a dip. What would pre-drinks be without nibbles? Grab some of those crisps (or some carrots if you’re feeling healthy) and dip away, my pretties. Just check the label first because some guacamole is made with dairy. You can make it yourself using this recipe.

Heinz baked beans

Definitely a vegan staple. Chuck ‘em on toast and you’re good to go.

But what about drunk food?

One word: CHIPS! Even McDonald’s. It is worth asking in most places, just to check that they’re fried in oil rather than animal fat.

So there we have it. Not as hard as you thought, right?

There are lots more, too, but these are my personal favourites. Enjoy your cruelty-free snacks!

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Written by Lucy Harrison, 8 months ago