‘Fun’ and ‘run’ aren’t words that occur in the same sentence. 


Yet there are some “fun runs” occurring in Cardiff in the coming year that will guarantee to put the fun into being fit and get even the laziest of students out of bed. 

St David’s Day Run (5th March) 

If you’re looking for an alternative way to celebrate the Welsh national holiday, put on your trainers - and your daffodil hats - and get down to Bute for a fun-filled dash through the park. At a modest £14 for entry, you can get your housemates involved in the fun on what will (hopefully) be a sunny day. If you’re feeling lazy you can just do the 1km race or take the 10km dash for a challenge! 

Gung-Ho! (18th March) 

This has been a massive hit for students over the past two years. Who doesn’t love running around a race course of giant inflatable obstacles? Gung-Ho is the race that lets you embrace your inner child without judgement. It’s on the (very) pricey side with tickets rising in price from £38 up to £60. Maybe it’s a race you can treat yourself to this year. 

Zombie Run (28th April) 

If the thought of running around on a sunny day is a little too cringe-worthy, then this one may be for you! Taking place at night, the Zombie run is guaranteed to attract a record number of thrill seekers this year. If you want to put your apocalypse surviving skills to the test and scare yourself silly, put the date in your diary! At £28 for single entry, the thrills are definitely worth it. 

Rainbow Run (13th May) 

Rainbow runs are the staple of fun runs across the UK. It gives you the chance to get messy and look a delight in rainbow powder, which is much better than getting sweaty and muddy. It’s also the cheapest of all runs in Cardiff at a meagre £12. How can you say no to running majestically across Barry Island adorned with every colour of the rainbow? 

Gauntlet Games (22nd July) 

This race requires a bit more grit. Taking place in Coedarhydyglyn, it’s an obstacle course with mud, rope swings with the occasional slip n’ slide. To make it slightly more interesting, there are gladiators on the course to try and hinder your progress. So if you fancy being transported back into the age of gladiators and warriors, this is definitely the race for you, even if it is on the pricier side at £36. 

Do something different this spring, dust of your trainers and embrace the euphoria of rainbow running, zombie dashing or St David’s Day sprinting. You might even enjoy it. 

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Written by Emma Riches, 10 months ago