We all have our funny uni stories to share; however, some are considerably more tragic than others…

After enjoying a student night out in town with the girls (we probably indulged in a few at Revs, but I can’t remember for certain), I decided to get a taxi back to my boyfriend’s flat down the Bay. As I hadn’t planned on staying there, I didn’t have any of my ‘everyday’ clothes to go home in the next day. I voiced my concerns to him the morning after, and he allowed me to wear his zip-up jacket, so that there was some semblance of modesty as I made the journey home.

So, wearing a short bodycon skirt, 6-inch heels, an oversized jacket, last night’s make-up and clutching a Burger King bag (you know the drill), I got the taxi home, with the intention of stepping out of the taxi and walking straight through my front door. Only it didn’t quite happen like that. I’d completely forgotten it was the day of the Cardiff half-marathon, and, living in Cathays Terrace meant that the roads leading up to my house were sectioned off. In my hungover state, it suddenly hit me (too little, too late) that I would be unable to get dropped outside my front door. The taxi driver found my predicament highly amusing, and, as I gasped aloud (as the realisation sank in), kept saying things like, ‘Oh no! Oh no!’.

This huge stroke of misfortune (which still reddens my cheeks to this day), resulted in me doing the ‘walk of shame’ through the jam-packed streets of Cardiff (yes, still clutching that Burger King bag). The second I got out of the taxi, I was greeted by a huge cheer by a group of guys who were standing near the pub. Cries of ‘go on girl!’, wolf-whistles and ‘good night, then?’ rang out as I half sprinted (as fast as a girl can in heels) down the street packed with students, families and children. 

My fame was solidified when a random girl (who I didn’t even know, but was one of my housemate’s Facebook friends) wrote a status about me: ‘Shout out to the girl doing the walk of shame during the Cardiff half-marathon!’ 

So, despite the utter humiliation, at least I enjoyed my five seconds of Facebook fame (every cloud…).

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Written by someone who is crazy enough to share their mishaps with the world, otherwise known as Hannah Frank, 10 months ago
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