Being a student isn’t easy, on top of lectures and deadlines, we have to wisely balance our finances with our budding social lives. We can’t make five Jägerbombs for £3 at the SU a weekly thing, and the same goes for Domino’s two for Tuesday! Not to fear, I have constructed a weekly Tesco shopping list to help you budget your student lifestyle. So sit back with an ice cold VK, and let me do the hard work. Warning: may contain several Tesco Everyday Value items


Tesco Everyday Wheat Biscuits Cereal 24 Pack - £0.75

Tesco British Semi Skimmed/Whole/Skimmed 4 Pints - £1

Tesco Stay Fresh White Medium Bread - £0.60

Tesco Everyday Value Chocolate Spread - £0.80


Tesco Everyday Value Tomato Soup - £0.25 x 2 

Tesco Wafer Thin Honey Roast Ham/Roast Chicken - £1.60

With the bread you already have you could make a sandwich with the ham or chicken. 


Pasta Bake (Includes two portions a week)

Tesco Fusilli Pasta Twists 1KG - £0.99

Tesco Pasta Bake Creamy Tomato and Herb Sauce - £0.79 (use half a jar per meal)

Chicken Curry (lasts twice a week)

Willow Farms Chicken Breast Portions - £1.89 (one chicken breast per meal)

Tesco Korma/Tikka Masala/Butter Chicken/Balti/Jalfrezi/Rogan Josh/Madras/Vindaloo Cooking Sauce - £0.79 (use half a jar per meal)

Tesco Everyday Value Long Grain Rice 1KG - £0.45

Beef Chilli (Includes two portions a week)

Boswell Farms Beef Mince 500G 12% Fat - £2.41 (use 250G per meal)

Tesco Hot Chilli Sauce - £0.79 (use half a jar per meal) 


Tesco Stonebaked Double Pepperoni Pizza - £1.50

Total Shop = £14.86

That’s my list for how to eat on just £15 a week. It may not seem like much and it may hugely lack in variety, but trust me, living off £15 a week on food is harder than it sounds! 

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Kelsey Rees Kelsey Rees, 10 months ago