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Fully ready to dedicate your day to the TV? Unable to leave your duvet as the hangover shakes take over? Need something to keep you conscious as you lie on a fortress of pillows with the sick bucket? Here’s a helpful list on the movies that’ll get you through the day in University halls, and the movies that you really shouldn’t give a try if you’re feeling unwell or would find it difficult to wrap your head around a long winding plot.

the do’s

Shrek 2: The one movie that every student will have a secret love for. Singalong songs, raunchy Jennifer Saunders, ogre love and a film you can doze off to as you’ve more than likely seen it so many times. A proper happy movie whether you’re with your family or just stuck in your room.

Stepbrothers: This goes down well on any kind of night. Any flatmates that can hear this playing will probably come knocking and ask to join. The second you scroll past this one on Netflix, the temptation is always there. Will Ferrell and John C Reilly are the greatest duo to hit the cinema screens in a fair while.

The Breakfast Club: A classic feel-good film if your hangover has got you down in the dumps. Also gives your spirit a boost and the fact that you’re the most unproductive being ever a sense of misguided importance.

The Hangover: Too much of an obvious choice but it has to go in anyway. Some hilarious moments and it’s bound to make you realise that your hangover could always be worse. Assuming the night out left you with all your teeth.

Ghostbusters: Bill Murray is the kind of guy that could make a horror movie funny. The catchy recurring theme tune gives you something to bounce along to, as well as the fear factor aimed at kids that won’t turn your stomach too much.

Legally Blonde: Girls love this movie and the less ashamed boys will too. A quirky generic chick flick come comedy as your average American ‘dumb blonde’ (executed flawlessly by Reese Witherspoon) climbs up education system into Harvard Law simply to prove a point to her judgemental ex boyfriend. Girl power and a loveable cast.

Mean Girls: Boys and girls will sit side by side and equally recite the entire script. Nothing fuels a good movie more than hatred for Regina George and realising that Janis Ian is now one of the hottest female actresses going. A good one for the playlist if you’ve got a few other hungover friends wanting to come over and lie around with you.

Back to the Future: This wacky comedy is a classic for a reason. Most of the 1985 script shows Doc and Marty disputing some kind of far-fetched consequence of their actions that will undoubtedly occur at some point. Classy and clever, this film is a heart-warming tale about bringing the family together and growing up to represent how you define yourself now, while at the same time delivering fantasy, imagination and light-hearted humour.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian: A sharp satire with old fashioned humour is bound to generate a few laughs and Monty Python manages again to encapsulate British humour in a peculiar storyline. Controversial for a group watch and a bundle of fun if you’re after a movie that’s a bit different for your day.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Makes you feel more productive and then maybe less so. Matthew Broderick starts off as lazy as you are right now, and then you realise that even when presented with a boring day, he can make more excitement than you’re likely to see from your bed.

WALL-E: Arguably one of the most successful and beautiful Disney movies created in recent years. A home favourite with the family and hated by none with its loveable nature and characters, this is a sure playlist addition if you just want a mood improver or a movie you can watch again and again and still find love for. You might even forget your hangover completely.

Maleficent: Aside from the fact that Angelina Jolie is the sexiest woman alive, Maleficent is a golden choice. Deemed as a perfect ‘feminist revisionist’ version of the Disney classic, it’s a surprisingly well written movie that actually impresses most critics who attack most remakes. A delightful fantasy with a few good laughs to be had.

Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs are suitable for all moods if you’re up for a film. The soothing voice of Richard Attenborough complete with gorgeous scenery, a cynical yet dry humoured cast and amazingly designed dinosaurs to roam the islands makes for a crucial watch. And when you’re done, you’re going to want to plough through the rest. The Spinosaurus is also as badass as you can get.

the don’t’s

Trainspotting: From personal experience, the absolute last thing you want to see if you’re feeling a bit on the queasy side is sick, gross toilet scenes and dead babies. Save this iconic movie for another day where you can stomach it.

Pulp Fiction: Undeniably a completely awesome movie that actually manages to tastefully glorify drugs and reckless living. Every girl wants to be Uma Therman, but for now, it’s probably best not to turn the TV to a movie that you’ll have to follow every minute of in order to understand anything at all.

Saw: It goes without saying that gore isn’t the number one greatest idea for a queasy or unsettled stomach unless there’s something wrong with you. Don’t opt for anything renowned for its gore until you feel better, unless you believe trying to make yourself sick is going to help the hangover.

Inception: If you didn’t understand this on a normal day, you’re not going to stand a chance now. If you need a taste of Leonardo DiCaprio, go and watch the Great Gatsby or something as trying to get round a mind bender is going to screw your comfort day right up.

Requiem for a Dream: Only those with an appreciation for cinematic discomfort and unease will treasure this film. It grinds on you for days after and messes with you completely. Don’t watch this movie when hungover as a) it’s gruesome and unless you want to see arms being infected with bacteria ridden heroin needles, give it a miss, and b) the last thing you need on your day of rest is a heap of added depression.

Donnie Darko: A much loved movie by all hipsters who like alternative movies, and Jake Gyllenhaal is no doubt a fun addition to the script. However, this film also tries to be so deep and subtle that most fans miss the complete point of what’s happening. Years later and half of its fans still don’t know what the point of this movie was. The last thing you want on a hungover day is to watch 90 odd minutes of a film to realise you could have spent your time better by sleeping or making some oven chips.


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Written by Hannah Newberry, 10 months ago
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