Hygge is one of those “buzzwords” that is taking over the world, and you’ll no doubt be hearing a lot more of it in 2017. Bloggers love it, authors are writing about and since the colder months have dawned on us it’s never seemed so relevant.

Adopted from Scandinavia, Denmark to be precise, it is a word that can’t be accurately translated into English. The general gist, though, is that Hygge is all about “togetherness” and being cosy. Think candles, reading by the fire, a cup of hot chocolate and cuddling up under a fur blanket with a loved one. Get the picture? Autumn is oh-so Hygge, and I don’t even know if you could get more Hygge than playing a board game with your favourites friends in a cosy, candlelit room.

Denmark has many times been voted the happiest country in the world, closely followed by other Scandinavian countries. Is their love of all things Hygge the secret? (I reckon the £16 minimum wage may have something to do with it, too…). Student life is stressful AF, so maybe we need to inject some Hygge into our lives to be as happy as a Swede in Ikea.

“ Hygge (Hue-Gah) is a danish word about taking pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special. ”
– Alex Beauchamp (HyggeHouse)

Candles, candles & more candles.

If you’ve ever read a book about Hygge, you’ll know that candles are a must for creating a Hygge inducing environment. Student houses typically aren’t the most beautiful of places so sometimes turning the lights off and filling the room with candles while you chill watching Netflix can help you feel tranquil and happy. You can pick up absolutely hundreds of different candles at Primarks from tea lights to candles in jars to candles shaped like pineapples or reindeer (seriously), so there’s something to suit whatever your aesthetic may be.

Warm up with a cuppa. 

If you’re anything like me, you will only put the heating on when you see your breath inside and feel your fingertips about to drop off. So any excuse to drink my seventh cup of tea of the morning is a-okay with me. Whether a frothy chai latte, fancy coffee, or hot chocolate overflowing with marshmallows is your fave, open a book (NOTEXTBOOKSALLOWED), cuddle on the sofa and sip your brew of choice.

Autmn walks

So, obviously you can’t do this in summer… But autumn, and even winter, are the most Hygge. seasons. Dark nights, wrapping up warm in scarves and hats, sipping your Pumpkin Spice Lattes as you trundle through crispy (or soggy) autumn leaves.  Fresh air and the great outdoors is also known to boost productivity and concentration so going for a cute walk will have all kinds of benefits, aside from just making you feeling cosy and Hyggelig.

Turn your room into a fairy cave.

Not as weird as it sounds. If Hygge, in big part, relies on the ambience, then decking out your room in fairy lights seems a natural step towards a Hygge-filled life. Need replacing less than candles and they are completely landlord-friendly. Pop them along your shelves and window sill and wrap them around your bed frame - BAM instant Hygge.

Housemate bonding nights.

This is probably the best of the bunch. According to questionnaires, Hygge is experienced most with a group of friends. So if you all need a bit of happiness injected, dig out Monopoly, get a super-chill Spotify playlist in the background and light some candles. You’ll end the night feeling chilled, happy and closer as a house.

“ Denmark is the happiest country in the world - Is their love of Hygge the secret?  ”

I think you deserve a little hygge in your day to day, and adapting to live a hygge filled life is easier than it sounds. It’s not reserved for the Scandinavian elite, although it probably makes it a whole lot easier. You’re probably already uber-hygge without even realising it.

Be chilled, be happy, be hygge.

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Written surrounded by fairy lights, candles and hot chocolate by Teri Howells, 12 months ago
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