“ The friends you make at uni are the ones you keep for the rest of your life. ”
– pretty much everyone who has ever been to uni

We’ve all heard the saying that the friends you make at uni are the ones you’ll have for the rest of your life. Whilst it’s true that you meet some pretty incredible people at uni, it’s also important to remember that you aren’t going to get on with everyone…

Everybody is different.

Uni is a place where a lot of different people, from all different walks of life are thrown together. If you are placed in any kind of student accommodation, you are pretty much being forced to live with strangers for at least a year. You might have different interests or different music tastes, or you might be from opposite ends of the country and without a clue what the other one is saying most of the time. You might have had completely different upbringings and a different sense of lifestyle. You might just not really like each other for no reason in particular. There’s nothing wrong with this. There’s this pressure at uni to live up to the hype, have tons of friends, and get on with everyone but you shouldn’t feel bad if this isn’t happening for you.

You’ll meet plenty more people in your life.

University is a great place to meet different people and I have definitely made friends that I’m going to stay in contact with when I leave. Having said this, there are also people that I’m probably never going to speak to after I graduate and get a job (I mean, I have paid £27,000 to get one). There are going to be people I meet during my life that I’ll have common interests with and will develop a friendship with. Uni is three years of my life- I had friends before I came and I’m pretty sure I’ll make friends after I leave. There are going to be a lot of people I’ll meet throughout my life, so here’s hoping I’ll like at least a handful of them!

Not everyone is going to be your best friend.

Think about everyone you have ever met in your life? It’s pretty obvious that you aren’t going to get on with everyone and you shouldn’t feel bad for it! There are going to be so many times in your life where you meet people and don’t really like them all that much. It’s impossible to be friends with everyone- you just can’t and you shouldn’t feel bad for it. My mum always said to me you don’t have to be friends, you just have to be friendly. No one is expecting you to be best buddies with every single person you meet at uni. Don’t feel bad if you don’t like someone or don’t want to be their friend because most likely they feel the same way about you, but remember to always be kind.

You’ll find your own friendship group.

The great thing about uni is you get to find your place and that includes friendship groups. Everyone finds their people and it’s great. Whether you bonded over not being able to work the washing machine, or the night too many shots almost killed you both, there is a group for everyone and you’ll find yours. Even if you don’t at uni, that’s fine, because most likely you’ll have your group of friends at home or at work. 

What I’m trying to say is that everyone has a group of friends and regardless of whether they were made at uni or at home, that’s your group! Don’t feel like you have to be friends with everyone and don’t ever feel bad about not wanting to be someone’s friend.

University is no different from real life, you’re not going to get on with everyone and that is perfectly normal and okay.  

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Written by Robyn Vernon, 10 months ago
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