I’m sure we can all agree that we start uni with aspirations of becoming the perfect all rounded student: attending the gym at least twice a week, preparing for assignments well ahead of time, whilst maintaining a well balanced diet and a buzzing social life…

Sometimes, things don’t quite go to plan and you may find yourself saying many of the following things:

Does anyone even have a TV license…?’

David Attenborough on our screen is worth more than any thousand pounds fine…

I did renew my library books, it just didn’t go through…’

You can bet the librarian has heard this old gem before…

I’m going to start going to the gym this year’

Honestly I am, I’m going to get fit right after I’ve eaten this ice cream sundae.

I’m going to go out tonight, but only until 1am, since I have a 9am lecture.’

The biggest lie you’ll tell yourself as a student… you won’t even make the 9am.

I’m going to write my essay in advance this time so I’m not stressing out the night before’

We all tell ourselves we’ll be organised, but that doesn’t stop us frantically typing the night before…

At this point, dropping out isn’t even worth it… I’m twelve grand in debt.’

Before exam: ‘Yeah the exam will be fine, I only need 15% to pass.’

After exam: ‘omg I think I’ve failed.’

You do student discount, right?” 

Assuming student discount is a PRIVILEGE in every shop/restaurant ever.

Is this plagiarism or is this okay?’

Let’s be honest, does anyone really know how to properly reference anyway?

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Written by Olivia Parkinson, 10 months ago
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