Once you start at uni in Cardiff, you very quickly realise that spending a Wednesday night drinking £2 drinks and listening to school disco music is the norm - a staple of Cardiff life. Every week you leave Retro’s swearing never to drink again but WTF Wednesdays there are everything, face it. Here’s six things that will definitely happen to you on a Retro’s Wednesday…

1. You will chase the club photographer around the VIP section.

If a photo doesn’t appear of you and the squad the next day, did the night out really happen? Despite Retro’s being very generous with their photography you will, as a group, stalk the poor photographer across the dance floor, begging for a perfectly posed candid.

2. You’ll drink too many cheap drinks.

Any Fresher is shocked on their first night out at Retros at the drinks prices. When you can get four doubles for under a tenner, you can’t say no… and will realise as the night went on that you probably should have said no to that sixth schnapps and lemonade.

3. You’ll accidentally order a ‘fakerbomb’.

Inevitably, any newbie to Cardiff nightlife will make this mistake. Eager to get the night going, you’ll order a Jägerbomb - a classic beverage. Soon enough, when you peruse the drinks menu, you’ll realise your mistake - you could have got a fakerbomb with cheap, non-branded energy drink for a much, much lower cost.

4. You’ll cry when your ‘jam’ comes on.

You’ve been loving the tunes from the minute you walked in, but as the night goes on, the cheesier the music becomes. Suddenly, you’re a lot tipsier than you had endeavoured being and the DJ’s pulling out some classics - meaning the second he puts on ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams you are in a circle of friends screaming the lyrics. Loudly.

5. You’ll see everyone you have ever met.


The boy who served you your 18p donut at Lidl earlier that day? He’s there. Every single person you’ve ever swiped right on Tinder? There. The quiet boy from your Monday 9am seminar you’ve never spoken to? He’s there too and he’s having a mad one tonight. Cue the awkward waves.

6. You’ll have a crackin’ night.

Despite seeing everyone you know dressed up in Minion attire and drinking every colourful cocktail you could stomach, you’ll leave happy as you head towards Caroline Street for obligatory post-Retro’s curry chips. For who could not love a whole night of old-school anthems and cheese - you’re guaranteed a great night, TBH.

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Written by Chloe Chiddle, 10 months ago
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