Calling all my single-pringle ladies - I hear ya! V-day is like that annoying aunt at Christmas that reminds you about your latest romantic endeavours. But still, to be fair, the holiday can be as intolerable as it was before you got in a relationship which is why I am confident that this list will show you why it’s better to be single on V-day anyway.

1. There’s no need to reduce Valentines to just a romantic holiday 

Because V-day is not even an actual holiday. Its a commercial holiday for flower and chocolate vendors to up the prices and sell everything at a double. Celebrate love instead! Send gifts to your neighbour. Treat your parents to lunch. Kiss your pets. Better yet, gather your best girlfriends and celebrate your own version of V-day and enjoy everyday with extra chocolate, extra ice-cream and extra love. It’s so much better. Trust me.

2. A better excuse to spoil yourself

We’ve all heard the cliché “You’ve got to learn to love yourself”. Well ladies, you really do and this is the best time for it (although you really should be loving yourself every day!) . Spoil yourself! Splurge on the really expensive thing in that really expensive shop that you’ve always wanted. Go to the spa, get your hair done or a sassy mani-pedi combo! You’re doing it for you so its 100% justifiable - who’s going to appreciate your efforts as much as yourself?

3. Learn to enjoy your own company

…and be happy with yourself cause it is more rewarding that you think. Nurture your mind and build  confidence by doing something fun and new. Take a breath of fresh air and explore the outdoors, travel some place strange and new, learn to craft, cook or dance, grow a plant, adopt a pet or go skydiving, snorkelling, rafting. You might just surprise yourself.

4. … and save money (sort of)…

Give your bank account some love. How great will it be when you won’t need to spend another extra £’s on someone else so soon after Christmas?! Save it for all the new summer wear you’re gonna be needing!  

5. Avoid being disappointed or disappointing.

There’s no pressure to make this one day THEMOST memorable day of the year or fake a “OMG i love it“ when you really don’t or live out another repeated Valentines traditions. Because you can live it out just the way you want it to. Pizza, sweatpants and 6 seasons of Gossip Girl? Thats right girlie, no one is having as much fun as you.

6. Count your blessings because you know you don’t need a holiday to prove how much love you are capable of.

and for my fellow long- distance singlies…

7. It’s nice to take a break once in a while

Because at some point, you’ve made it through life alone too. And you full well know that it’s nice to have time focusing on yourself without having to think for two. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Spread love and have a truffle-filled day everyone!

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Written by Lorria Sahmet, 10 months ago
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