From books to diaries to calendars, you'll never tire of a new addition to the collection.

If you’re a student with a passion for writing, drawing, painting or just stationery in general then you’ll find it exceptionally hard to save your pennies. The second your student loan comes in, you’ll be thinking about all the exquisite notebooks and pencil cases that could make your room look even more quaint. Here are a few personal recommendations for those who could make an afternoon out of hunting for stationery in Cardiff.


Located in: 48 Royal Arcade

Selling: Cards, place mats, gift books, recipe books, prints, notebooks

Why we recommend: Beautifully unique and ideal for students as many cards come with dry humour, boozy jokes and NSFW content. A nice place to go if you want to treat a stationery lover for their birthday or purchase some sweet little niceties for your own room - you won’t find a card store with a market as niche as this.


Located in: Grand Arcade, St Davids

Selling: Stationery, cards, gifts, arts and crafts

Why we recommend: Paperchase offer the most beautiful stationery ever, from floral to intricate and colourful designs. Their notebooks and sets are bound to make any room look beautiful, and despite being a bit pricey, you really won’t find quality as good as this. They also offer envelopes, wrapping paper and gel pens for special occasions or for students who value how they decorate their things. Also, 10% student discount!


Located in: 2a the Hayes

Selling: Books, stationery, cards

Why we recommend: Waterstones is well loved for its collection of books, from non-fiction brief guides to scrupulous fiction novels. Guaranteed to always smell like a fresh book, who doesn’t love a place that allows you to sit inside and read their books on a windowsill or perhaps enjoy the upstairs café instead? 

Pen & Paper

Located in: 13-17 Royal Arcade

Selling: Pens and notebooks

Why we recommend: A specialist, independent store that sells all kinds of pens and notebooks, this is a writer’s gold mine. Whether you’re trying to perfect calligraphy or just want a pen with a nicer feel that doesn’t make your hands ache, this is your library from now on. Plus some beautiful selections of notebooks to keep your writing flair going.


Located in: 33 St David’s Way, St Davids

Selling: Stationery, bags, pencil cases

Why we recommend: A more fun, childish and colourful experience for those who want to add a bit of pizzazz to their rooms. Relatively cheap and with lovely staff, Smiggle is a great experience for those who have had a bit too much of ordinary or floral stationery and would rather add something vibrant to the collection.

The Works

Located in: 16 Queen Street

Selling: Books, gift wrap, stationery, art kits

Why we recommend: The Works truly is a place for bargains - if you hit it at the right time of year, you can find books going for 80% less than their retailed price. Amazing for those who love fiction but could also read a good recipe book, autobiography or travel guide. From gel pens to easels to canvases and glitter, this store provides you with a slightly different variety of things to purchase if the same old is getting a bit drab.


Located in: 53-57 Queen Street

Selling: Home and kitchen equipment, decor, houseware, storage and stationery

Why we recommend: Wilko is good for anything and is exceptionally cheap - you can go in after some new pens and come out with a bath bomb, a mirror and a cereal bar. However, the price is worth giving this a go. While obviously not the exquisite designs that more expensive stores provide, the pens are so comfortable to write with and at such a discounted price, you can set yourself up for a year of endless work with a ten pound note.

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Written by Hannah Newberry, 10 months ago
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