Whichever University you’re looking at, this is an incredible city to be a student.

Welcome to Cardiff!

The wonderful, warm (metaphorically) and unique city that we love so much we’ve created an entire site dedicated to it. 

We’re Cardiff born and bred at My Uni Basics, and we don’t really think there’s a better place to spend three years of studying, exploring, partying, and getting into massive debt. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been here years, there’s always room to explore this city more. So, whether you’re a final year student or you’re just thinking about applying to uni here, we want to help guide you. 

Across the rest of the site you’ll find dedicated sections to categories like FITNESS, HEALTH, and even a section entirely dedicated to what we do best: EAT. However, the aim of this CITY section is to give you a basic guide to Cardiff, whether it’s for an open day or when you first arrive as a fresher.

If you’re reading this and thinking of applying to one of the Universities in Cardiff then I hope we can persuade you that you are making the right decision. I also hope that, as the year goes by, we might be able to make you feel less anxious and more excited about your arrival in this incredible city.

As prospective students, you can use our site and immerse yourself in what life in Cardiff is like. You can see, first hand, what students in your potential universities are going to be up to and start getting a feel of where in the city you’re going to want to explore. 

Despite not being students yet, we think you guys will enjoy our site – even if you aren’t from Cardiff. We want to bring together content across a range of topics that you guys are going to love and we want to get some A level students involved in this. If you already blog, vlog, love creating memes and writing funny articles (or want to start!) then please get in touch.

So, enjoy Cardiff and stay tuned.



 Keep exploring



Written by Jen Keeling, 1 year ago
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