It’s about this time of the year that I get slightly fed up of the dark evenings closing in at 4pm and waking up to raindrops on my window pain for the fifth day in a row. So it makes sense to distract myself from the outside temperatures by browsing for my next summer holiday. 

As a student who works her weekends away throughout the academic year in order to collect some savings, planning my next trip is my favourite thing to do. The most rewarding thing about making it through the academic year has to be when we get a few months off all to ourselves at the end to do what we want! Asides from filling these months with the ‘productive’ necessities such as work experience or paid work (and maybe a little bit too much “me time”) it is my favourite time to go away! 

Therefore, I have decided to compile a list of the top five places to travel to this summer in order to allow you to escape that university room of yours…even if just for a few moments. 

1. Paris 

Oh how cliché of me! But really, Paris is in its prime during the summer. Strolling through its quaint streets is made so much more enjoyable with golden sun rays dancing on your back. I believe Paris is the perfect get away this summer: perfect for a weekend break or a week long holiday. Flights to Paris are fairly reasonable and with around an hours flight time it couldn’t be easier! They even fly from Cardiff Airport multiple times a day. Check out this piece on things to do off the beaten track. J’adore!

 2. Thailand 

The ultimate back packers paradise. Granted that the weather in Thialand is desirable all year round (especially in comparison to the famous Welsh rain). Visiting in the British summer times means you can make the most of your flight prices and stay there as long as possible! The price of living out there is extremely reasonable, and this permits you to really experience what the country has to offer. I recommend visiting Bangkok, Koh Pi Pi, Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.

3. South Africa 

You wont be surprised to hear that this region of Africa does not share the same seasonal months to us. In fact since it is in the Southern part of the world it experiences the opposite! That being said their winter is probably more comparable to summer than our bitter months. I suggest traveling here during our British summer in order to really make the most of this vast country. Safari sightings may be improved during the cooler times since animals are not sheltering from the unforgiving sun. South Africa is also a fantastic place to enhance your CV with countless volunteering opportunities from animals to women’s activism.

4. New York City 

I personally could not think of a better idea than a strolling through Central Park on a summers day. Although, those snow covered images of New York’s streets are all too picturesque, it can get rather cold when the sun is not shining. And I feel the cold! Having been there in Summer and winter, I would recommend going in summer time. You are less likely to get a hazy view of New York City when you reach the top of the Empire State Building.

5. And finally what about visiting Cardiff and the Vale during the summer?

Cardiff as a city really blossoms during the summer months (when the sun is actually out to play.) You may forget all about little old Cardiff when you retreat back to your hometowns. However, I urge you this year not to do so! As you all probably know, Cardiff is home to numerous beautiful parks which are even more inviting during the summer. Roath Park for one is a great spot for an ice cream and a paddle-boat ride. Let alone the likes of Barry Island on a hot summers day! Granted it can get rather busy and you may be queuing for your fish and chips longer than normal but there’s nothing quite like buzz of Barry Island on a summer’s afternoon. Llantwit Major is also a gorgeous coastal town to visit during the summer. Wander along the coastal path and up past the beautiful St Illtuds Church, followed by a drink at the Old Swan Inn which dates back to the fifteenth century. There’s a whole post on this website dedicated to exploring Cardiff and the Vale.

I hope this short list has allowed you to escape for a few moments and has got the creative juices following. There’s a whole world out there, go explore it! 

Keep exploring



Written by Courtney Bridge, 11 months ago
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