We all love Facebook for connecting with our friends, finding events, dribbling over cooking videos and lol’ing at memes. However, Facebook is also an incredible and easy way of staying up to date with what’s going on in the world. We absorb information without realising it and it’s this information that helps us in job interviews, win debates at the pub, and keeps us informed with what’s going on in the world.

These are, in my opinion, the must-follow accounts on Facebook. This is a non-exhaustive list and based on my personal preference as a female student.


With daily posts, this issue driven media company easily delivers engaging content to a mobile-first audience. They tell stories that are worth your attention.


The aim of this page is to connect a generation. With a tag line like  ‘Experience, Empower, Engage’, this Global news community is challenging the status quo bringing about empowering news from a massive variety of voices. From breaking news without Kardashian nonsense, this is the page to follow to keep up with current affairs. 


Upworthy’s straight to the point and clever videos make this an easy page to follow.  This page specialises in stories that matter and news that makes world better place. Their mission? To tell stories that bring people closer together. With articles such as ‘7 Real Things You Can Do Right Now About The Catastrophe In Aleppo’ and videos such as ‘Love Has No Label’, you can feel informed on issues facing the corners of our world that you might not otherwise know about.


If you love travelling or adventure then this page will blow your mind.  With incredible pictures and inspiring articles, it will have you itching to get out and explore. Follow this page to brighten up your news feed and inspire you to work harder to reach your goals.


This page will have your mouth watering with easy and simple recipes, all in video form. It’ll inspire you to be the next Jamie Oliver and have all your flat mates mouths watering. This is food porn of the highest quality. 


As the creators of the ‘Potty Mouth Princesses’ scheme, this page will bring you all the best down to earth feminist and anti-hate loving that will get you informed and fired up to make our society a better place. It brings about some of the most controversial topics in a fun and entertaining way, with an out-of-the-box approach against hate.


There are no boundaries when it comes to vice articles; they cover what others won’t dare too. Vice’s investigative journalism and enlightening videos can cover anything from travel and sex to politics and drugs. This page will open your mind to a realm of possibilities and thought processes.


This brand spanking new political blogging site aims to provide stimulating, agenda-free political news for young people. So, if you’re looking for a page that aims to cut the rubbish and deliver clear and concise political news, then this is perfect. Perfect if you’re going through job interviews and assessment centres.

It obviously goes without saying you have already found the best student site on social media since you’re on it right now reading this article!

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Written by Ruth Squires, 9 months ago