“ Acne. Oh, acne. You’re literally the bane of my life. Why must you pop up all over my face? Do you get pleasure from giving me red angry bumps everywhere? Please, can you stop? ”

Acne and I do not get on well. We’ve had a difficult relationship from the age of 14, and now, 9 years later at 23, acne is still causing me grief. If you’re one of the lucky people who was blessed with mostly clear, blemish free skin, then I am genuinely happy for you - because acne is the worst. But please have just a little consideration for us with the misery of spots.

So, here’s my list of things you should NEVER say to someone with acne. Ever.

You do know that if you washed your face twice a day, you wouldn’t get spots, right?”

Oh really? I didn’t know. Yeah, I never wash my face - that must be why I get spots. In fact, I haven’t washed my face in 5 years, you’re a genius! …No, just no. Do you know how much time people with acne invest into their skincare routine to try and stop acne? Yeah, it’s a lot. Stop insinuating we’re gross. Sh.

Have you tried…? It’ll clear it up right away!”

Why, yes. Yes I have. I have tried EVERYTHING. Nothing works.

I thought spots were meant to go away when you hit 20?”

Yes…me too, me too. You didn’t think that had crossed my mind? Adult acne is a thing, you know. A bad thing at that.

Just go to the doctors, they’ll give you something for it. You should have gone years ago!”

I mean, really? You don’t think I would have thought of that? Thanks for the advice, it’s really appreciated. But I’ve already been to the doctors 10 times about my acne. And guess what? Antibiotics, creams, the pill, none of it worked.

Why do you always wear makeup? That’s why you have spots!”

Thank you for pointing out that I’m clearly insecure about my skin, it was so very kind of you. But why don’t you try going out the house with cystic red lumps all over your forehead and cheeks? I’m sure you’d want to cover it up too. And FYI, I do research all my makeup and make sure it’s non-comedogenic. Yeah, go research that.

You should stop eating chocolate, become vegan, quit alcohol, exercise more, drink 133882 glasses of water a day, meditate…”

Well, actually, I’ve already cut out dairy, drink a ridiculous amount of water, and eat a pretty healthy diet to try and improve my skin. But you know, I’ll just stop doing everything. I’ll wrap my face in bubble wrap while I’m at it - thanks.

Oh my god, have you seen this spot on my forehead? I look disgusting! I can’t go out like this!”

Wait there, just wait a minute. HAVE YOU SEEN MY FACE? I have at least 5 of them every single day. SO that makes me 5x as disgusting. Thank you friend, thank you.

So there we have it - things you should NEVER say to anyone with acne. And I mean it. DON’T.

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Written by Alice Lang, 9 months ago
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