Having a mental block when it comes to applying for a subject you want to do forever? Just want to enjoy yourself? Find the most entertaining of University degrees right here!

If school wasn’t for you at all, but you’re really considering University, why not make sure you have fun? So what if you’re not an academic writer or lover of Maths or Biology, that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on Uni life. If you’re prepared to settle into a few years of something a bit more entertaining, then see what the UK has to offer!


Known as Puppetry, Design and Performance, this legitimate course is definitely for those seeking something unique. They take part in performance skills, puppetry making and manipulating the puppets. As part of the course, performance art students and design students get involved in huge projects using animated characters and puppets with experimental performances. This helps students start their own projects from scratch as well as working with other people’s ideas in a creative way.

Offered at: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London

viticulture and oenology

For those struggling with maths and science but who love a good time, try wine science! They teach you knowledge about wine that helps you understand winemaking and the vinegrowing process. This isn’t always easy though. Modules include biochemistry, microbiology and grapevine physiology - but I’m sure the end result is worth it. Covering environmental sustainability and how the climate impacts wine also, this course even lets you take a master’s degree if you fall in love with it.

Offered at: University of Brighton

brewing and distilling

The brewing, malting and distilling industries of the UK work closely with these students to educate them, but like oenology, this is not as easy as it sounds. Human Biology and Environmental Biology are crucial modules in the distillery business, and also Mathematics is required to fully understand the first year. Easing into a bit of Business Studies, specialists then introduce the Brewing and Distilling students to Food Technology, ending in a semester that’s more beer orientated. Things you can expect to learn about include Yeast Biology and Fermentation, Beer Maturation, Packing Technology and Commercial Aspects. If you’re a dedicated beer fan, you might just power through.

Offered at: Heriot-Watt University, Scotland

Viking studies

It looks like your average history or world culture course until you realise it’s just fascinated with Vikings. Nordic Studies are seen as incredibly important and the history, current state and potential future of Vikings is learnt about. By studying the historical, economic and social developments of Vikings, these applicants learn about how significant they were to the world as well as their contributions in movie making, texts and other significant progressions they made. A love of history is mandatory.

Offered at: University College, London

ethical hacking

This course is obviously as modern as they come, but actually teaches you a lot. Computer security, the vulnerabilities of firewalls, business practices and more are vocationally studied. Not about teaching you to hack as such, but understanding how hackers have managed to do it and how to generate fast countermeasures to prevent it. This is a course that could be surprisingly useful for a niche market. Businesses sometimes need ethical hackers to prevent theft or fraud - it’s their job to find weak spots of a computer before someone who wishes to use it for other purposes does so.

Offered at: Abertay University

cruise management

For those who feel sick at the thought of an office job, why not take to the sea? Cruise Management at Plymouth University actually works with five star cruise companies so you can learn about the experience without forking out thousands (if you ignore the University fees). This course promises that you’ll learn enough to feel fully confident about managing a boat sailing around the world. It promises that you also get work placements and opportunities to advance your career, learning about tourism and hotels with hospitality and language modules. A beautiful subject to study if you have a desire to set sail.

Offered at: Plymouth University

funeral services

For those who are maybe a little morbid or just with a dark sense of humour, funeral services is a genuine course at Bath. It evaluates how the trade is made up of ratios of genders or particular families, and what regulations there are to run such a business. The course takes a look at how the funeral trade is changing in more modern, technological times, and also about how to professionally console and arrange funerals. Sounds dead boring.

Offered at: Bath University

david beckham studies

In part of evaluating how much football is embedded in British culture and how important it was in its development, of course David Beckham would appear. The module looks at how important he’s become as a symbol and also understands the hype around football itself. According to the lecturer and other related sources, Beckham’s module is more an embodiment of ‘the spirit of the times’. It was even said that ‘he doesn’t do much’, but it’s felt that studying him is a gateway to understanding how pivotal sport is to British history.

Offered at: Staffordshire University

robin hood studies

In none other than Rochester, Robin Hood studies becomes a reality for fanatics. While this sounds trivial, the course actually looks at many aspect of Robin Hood, including the history of English Literature and circumstances surrounding the events. Cultural Studies plays a massive part in learning, and it benefits those who enjoy learning about traditions, storytelling and the Old English times.

Offered at: Rochester University

A kind reminder that these courses will stay on your CV for life and perhaps need to assist you in getting your dream job - so be prepared for the weirdness to only continue from here!



Written by Hannah Newberry, 10 months ago
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