Let’s face it, waking up in the morning is not the easiest thing to do. Never mind forcing yourself to look half decent at a 9am lecture. Dry skin, dark under eye circles and a red nose from a never ending winter cold are all easy to mask if you know how. So here are the quickest ways to make your face look more alive in the mornings.


Especially in the winter. This is the quickest way to make your skin appear more healthy and glowing. While some may avoid this step due to having naturally oily or shiny skin, there are specially formulated products that are oil-free and so there is no excuse! If you do have this issue try ‘Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser’, this is very affordable at under £5. 


Having pink, puffy eyes is not ideal, and these are clear signs that you have been up all night. A really easy and free way to de-puff your eyes is to chuck a couple of your metal spoons in the freezer for 10 minutes and hold them down on your shut-eyes. The cold metal is sure to wake up your sleepy eyes and your sleepy brain! Alternatively, try a eye-roll on with a metal applicator. Applying these all around your eye stimulates blood circulation and creates brighter looking skin. Multiple brands sell these, with the cheapest being ‘Simple Skincare’ and ‘Boots Botanics’.

“ Cold metal or creams stimulate blood circulation and will help brighten your skin ”


You need to get your hands on a colour correction palette. There are some very affordable versions of these, I have used the ‘Collection #ConcealAndLightLikeAProPalette’ which retails at £5.99 and includes 8 colours for highlighting, concealing and contouring. Use a lighter skin tone underneath the eyes in a deep ‘V’ shape to brighten the area. Then use the green tone in any areas that you experience redness, for example nose, blemishes and cheeks. Then blend this all in using a light coverage foundation or BB Cream. This will give a natural, healthy finish. 


While you may skip this step, if you’re still looking for that Kardashian glow a highlighter will always do the trick. If you don’t want to purchase a separate highlighter, use a light, shimmery eyeshadow and using your ring finger pat this onto the high points of your face. Mainly the cheekbones, the brow bones and your cupids bow. Or if you’re in need of a student priced highlighter, try the Collection Contour Kit, it retails at £4.19 but Boots often have it on sale for £2.99.

And that’s it, of course you may go on to do a full face of makeup, but if you just want a naturally glowing face then these are the four steps that you need to look more awake than you feel for those early mornings.

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Written by Emma Videan, 11 months ago
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