1. To many, you’ll be more attractive 

In life, people who have slept with fewer people are often seen as far more desirable than those who have slept with loads. No girl wants the guy who has shagged a girl in every group and no guy wants the girl who has been with tonnes of men. Even if it’s getting to you, keep your head high and know that you’re better off waiting for the right time. Even if it is frustrating.

2. STD’s

Sexually Transmitted Diseases are the most underrated and misunderstood things in uni populations. They are very real, unbelievably common, and should be considered a very real risk of having sex with someone. Condom or not. If you’re not having sex then take reassurance in the fact you aren’t exposing yourself to the risk of catching an STD.

3. Ignore the Shag Chart and “I Have Never”

Those people who proudly write lines on the “Shag chart” or proudly chug their drinks after another “I have never” about sexual escapades well, don’t find yourself wishing you were them. Many of them will regret their casual sex - from catching STI’s, being rejected by someone after they’ve had sex, right through to feeling used or violated. You’re safe being you. 

4. Relationships

If you’re not having sex because you’re in a relationship, you might start having an “is the grass greener” feeling, where you wonder if you should be having sex and making the most out of being a single person in uni. Whilst I get this, I’d tell you to approach this with caution. Your flatmates one night stands may sound exhilarating and fun but this isn’t to say yours will be. Casual sex can lack the love and affection you get from your other half and you might find yourself missing the relationship that you let go.

5. Trust the course of your life

If you feel unattractive, like no one every approaches you, and wonder if you’ll ever meet someone who fancies you, trust yourself and trust your future. Uni can be a weird, confusing time with different pressures, especially as you’re being introduced to so many different people: some confident, some intimidating and some who you’re insanely attracted to. The best thing you can do is to feel as good as you can about yourself and take good care of yourself. The better you feel, the more you’ll radiate positivity and attract other people. Trust me. 

Written by Gee Harland, 9 months ago
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