Big kitchens, big bathrooms and best friends

Nearly three years ago, I made the very scary move to uni. I got through freshers, made a few good friends here and there, did well on my assignments, played a couple of games of ‘Never Have I Ever’ and went on all the mandatory nights out. For me, Talybont Court was the place where this all happened.

If you’re going to live anywhere in Cardiff during your fresher era, the ginormous complex that is Talybont is undoubtedly the place to be. Yet, with four competing residences to choose from (i.e. North, South, Court and Gate), it’s hard to know which one is best but I’m here to convince you that Taly Court is the reigning champ of them all. 

Why, you may ask? Well, for starters, Court has actual walk-in shower’s in their en-suites - a luxury not afforded to all residents (Taly South wet-rooms, I’m looking at you). That, combined with Court’s massive kitchen, mean’s there’s no question about student-style opulence and affordability when it comes to Talybont Court. Even though your proud mates in Taly South won’t dare admit it, they’re livid inside about how much space you have to lounge around and get down in at pre-drinks. Though, a word of warning: that kitchen will never again be as spotless as it was after hosting those initial ‘house-warming’ pre-drinks in Fresher’s week. 

Secondly, Taly Court is the closest residence to Uni, and when you’ve made the 15-minute trek from your 5 pm lecture to the gates of Talybont, you can be safe in the knowledge that that is your journey done. Choose to live in Taly Gate and you can happily add another 15 minutes on top of that. I don’t think so.

Moving into halls can be a daunting prospect for many but, coming from a third year who’s on the brink of graduate despair and fondly remembering the care-free and untroubled life of first year, I promise you there is really nothing to be afraid of. Millions have done it before you and millions will succeed you. If all those can make the move, you can too. 

High School rules have flown out the window. Nothing about you is predetermined and that white blank page makes life a lot easier.  That’s not to say your nerves will be non-existent because it is an unusual situation and making friends is scary, even tiring sometimes.

It’s normal to be nervous and moving into Halls of Residences holds the record for being the situation in which you’ll break the ice the quickest. Those people who were once complete strangers soon develop into some of your closest friends within a matter of weeks and as a team, you’ll conquer everything that first year throws at you, including the mandatory Christmas dinner you all have to cook come December. 

Living in Halls was a lot of fun and being placed in Talybont Court was certainly the reason for this. For much of the year, our flat and the adjoining flat next door acted as base camp before and after nights out as well as a place to work, and a place to relax, at the same time.

Yet, most importantly, it was a pretty decent home away from home. It was cosy, clean(ish) and the bedrooms were big enough for all your photos and little keepsakes that reminded you of home. You wouldn’t fit these many people in a Taly North room now, would you?

No matter what state your accommodation is in or how annoying your upstairs neighbor’s are, when the time comes to hand in your keys and move back home for the summer, you can’t help but feel a little nostalgic. Honestly, you’ll find yourself asking, ‘can you really believe that first year is over already?’

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Written by Alannah Williams, 9 months ago
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