It seems as if from the moment you register at uni and before you’ve even set foot in a lecture theatre, everyone is telling horror stories about sleeping with their house mates. 

So why the hell is no one listening?

Why do we cringe and laugh at other people’s misfortunate tales? Why are we fully aware that this is a bad idea yet, after one too many jäger bombs, seem to think it’s the best idea we have ever had?  Because we all think we know best and we all think our situation is different”,  that’s why.

I hate to be the barer of bad news and please forgive my bluntness when I say this but you’re not different. You’re not more mature than the others and yes it will be bloody awkward the next day. 

I, like many, was naive. I thought this was only the mistake of immature freshers after one too many shots. I used to laugh when I heard these tales and thank my lucky stars that I’ve only ever lived with females. 

That was until my third year of uni came along.

I was great friends with a guy and we got along like a house on fire. We were basically the same person and I felt like I’d found my soul mate in a best friend (that’s a thing, right?) so deciding to move into a house together seemed like the best idea. We’d have horror movie nights, make unlimited supplies of nachos and I’d always have my best friend on hand to help me with my endless boy drama.

“ We all think we know best and we all think our situation is different ”

I laughed off every comment that people made. “Noo, we’d never sleep together” … “It’ll never happen” … “We’d never put our friendship in that awkward situation”… Blah blah blah, you get the idea.

Until that one Friday night. 

It had been a hard week, people were stressed, money was tight and we found ourselves making a ridiculous cocktail out of every tiny bit of crappy alcohol we had lying around the house at pre-drinks. 

After several hours of drinking this poison and taking our frustrations out on the dancefloor my friend and I suddenly came to the idea that we should just have sex. We drunkenly thought we were different, agreed we didn’t actually like each other in that way and we even high-fived in agreement that this was the best idea ever.

It wasn’t.

“ It was like seeing your brother naked.  ”

It was terrible. It was awkward. It was horrifying. 

It was like seeing your brother naked. We didn’t even finish the act, I wanted to vomit. Maybe it was the situation, maybe it was the bad drinking choices but, whatever it was, everything about it just felt wrong.

The next day we didn’t acknowledge it had happened. We never told anyone, we didn’t even talk about it among ourselves. We kept our distance anytime we went drinking again and we felt awkward talking to each other about anything sex or dating related. Anytime we fought or had a disagreement our awkward encounter came up to raise its ugly head.  

It placed such a strain on our friendship that when we both eventually started dating other people we lost touch. Our friendship had ended the minute we decided to jump into bed. We thought we’d be different from all the other horror tales but we weren’t.

If you want to sleep with you’re house mate you need to ask yourself if it’s worth it. Is it worth ruining your friendship? Is it worth making cooking dinner a more uncomfortable task that putting needles in your eyeballs? No, it’s not.

Take my advice: just don’t do it.

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Written by Jordan Taylor, 9 months ago
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