“ The continued existence of wildlife and wilderness is important to the quality of life of humans. ”
– Jim Fowler

Being Eco-friendly and trying to help your local wildlife doesn’t have to cost the earth. These tips can help you save the animals, easily and cheaply. What could be better?

Ditch the Chemicals

One of the easiest way to help wildlife thrive is to stop using any toxic or harmful chemicals in your garden. The chemicals could kill birds, hedgehogs, or even foxes, and their insect grub, as well as possibly killing the neighbour’s cat. Not only will you help wildlife, you’ll also potentially save money. For every non-natural substance used in the garden, there is a natural option, so with some research your garden can be an animal haven. Try crushed egg shells instead of slug pellets!

Bird Feeders

These are readily available in most shops, as well as being extraordinarily cheap. You can buy eight balls of birdfeed at Poundland that will provide food for local birds, which is especially helpful through winter. Scatter them around the garden and you’ll soon see all types of feathered visitors.

Shallow Food and Water Dishes

Have your parents bought your fussy cat food that he refuses to eat? Then bring it to your student accommodation and set it outside in the hopes another creature can benefit from your cat’s loss. (I do not advocate cat starvation, please feed your cat something else!) Wet cat food and water will deliver much needed help to hedgehogs that are struggling to find food. However, the water should be in a very shallow dish as hedgehogs are not good swimmers and will drown. Make sure there is a way for the hedgehog to enter your garden, or all this will be in vain.

A Bird or Bat Box

These are an excellent way to provide a home for wildlife. They come in all shapes and sizes and are usually very cheap! You can get a birdhouse for just £2 at The Works. Try to avoid buying painted houses, as birds and bats tend to prefer natural plain wood. Check with your landlord about where you can hang it up.

Pile of Leaves or Long Grass

If money’s a little tight but you still want to help animals, this is the one for you, as it costs nothing. If you simply leave a pile of leaves in a quiet corner of the garden, it will soon become home to all sorts of insects, or even a hibernating hedgehog if you’re lucky. Leaving your grass long also helps these creatures thrive, but inspect the grass before you cut it, as many hedgehogs die each year from injuries caused by lawnmowers or bonfires.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be helping your local wildlife community flourish.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com.

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Written by Thomas Williams, 10 months ago
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