For the Hangry gluten free-er.

Being gluten free can be a struggle, especially if you’re celiac like me. Your friends want a Fattoush after a night out but you’re not sure if a kufta kebab has wheat flour in it or not. You could risk it but you’ll hate yourself in the morning when you’re stuck to the toilet, with the mother of all hangovers, wondering if you’re stomach is about to fall out of your arse. Your friends just don’t understand and just because they’ve dared you £3 to eat a Maccie’s, doesn’t mean you should do it. Trust me, we’ve all been there. We’re sick of potato and rice too.

“ Fuck it, I'll just have a reaction ”
– You'll tell yourself

…But before you know it you’re stomach is twisting knots, you’re trying not to cramp over, and you’re letting out some less than desirable air from your rear end. You’d better get to a loo quick. All of this over a double bacon cheese burger really doesn’t seem fair. 

Well, we’ve got your back. With this list of my favourite places to eat out, there’s definitely something to satisfy your gluten free needs.

Cheat the cheeseburger blue’s with a little McDonald’s DIY
Did you know that the burger patties in a McDonald’s burger are gluten free?! Just ask for your burger without the bun! Go crazy and be really prepared by bringing your own GF bun if you like, as, either way, the fries are GF too! Your happy, your mates are happy, and everyone wins! 

Get fancy at Las Iguanas.
I may be slightly biased as it was the first restaurant I visited in Cardiff but I can’t rate it high enough. I’ve eaten at both restaurants in Cardiff and the food is impeccable. My personal favourites are the Nachos, or the Sea Bass Achiote, and the Nachos… Did I say that already? Not only is the food incredible, it’s happy hour… every hour… Two for one pitchers all day is difficult to say no to. If you want a recommendation, I’d go with a strawberry red. 

It’s rare to find empty chairs and tables at Cafe Rouge.
this french joint has an array of gluten-free options on the menu with delish cocktails on offer too! It’s in the food quarter of St Davids and the fancy decor makes you forget that you’re living on a student budget. I ordered the muscles which were insane! However, if like me you get a starter too, I’d definitely recommend sharing them as there’s enough for half the restaurant. 

Have your burger and eat it at The Gourmet Burger Kitchen! 
  The burgers are big, the atmosphere rocks… the burgers are big. Do I need to go on? The Habanero is my burger of choice because I have an infatuation with molten cheese.

Pizza is back on the menu at Prezzo. 
  We all love a good pizza and Prezzo allows us GF lot to enjoy it again! Almost all the Pizza on the main menu come on a GF base so go crazy…you could even order Pineapple if you’re into that kind stuff… ya crazy kid. The restaurant setting is a nice change from boozy nights in live lounge and Glam. Talk to your friends without screaming?! Never!!!

Living the post grad dream at Jamie’s Italian  
  If you’d like to pretend like you’re not a student for the night, Jamie’s Italian is pretty neat! Although perhaps for when your student loan has just gone in. Top Tip: make sure your server knows that you’re GF so they can recommend suitable sauces with the dishes. The Spicy Sausage Penne is pretty bomb. 

The Prince of Wales 
You can’t go wrong with pub grub! Easy night out, watch the game, eat some food, and drink some cider (or if you’re like me, a pitcher of porn star martini). Wetherspoons is always a safe bet. It might sound daft but, from me to you, the Chickpea, Sweet Potato and Spinach Curry is a blessing. You’re welcome. 

The mother of all things wonderful = Dominoes!  
 It’s true, Dominoes does GF crust. I repeat, Dominoes does a GF crust! Though the Pizzas are sightly smaller than the others, and there’s only one set size, it’s still Dominoes. 

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